20 March 2011


Ohooo since it's raining...

and the Astro is currently off service due to bad weather; watching movie online takes my stress level up several notches because I can't stand the super slow streaming; external HD that stored all my favorite Kdramas went kaput & just been formatted so yeah everything were literally destroyed; can't watch the 9-in-1 DVD I just borrowed from a friend because I have the very selective player it can only read original disc; YES ORIGINAL...budget tuan dia kaya raya hanya mampu beli yang tulen?? Hampas!!!

Mother's not home. And yes, that means I'm home alone again. Its been nearly a week already. I planned to catch up the sunset with cousins but the pouring tells me to just stay at home...and relished my boring Sunday evening here.

HENCE I decided to spend a lil bit more time in the shower just now. Close friends know how lil time I take to shower. 20 minutes in the bathroom is too long for me unless I have some 'investment' to make. But not today. I decided to pamper the body during shower. Having my own spa moment; body scrubbing! And triple yay for that brilliant idea of mine. I felt so much chipper. And I am loving the smell of my skin. I wanna eat me!

Ahaks. The shower scrub is formulated with C.H.O.C.O.L.A.T.E!!!!!!! That is why I wanna chew my skin...it is so smooth. Like; I've just been polished! It says WHITENING aight? Siap kalau aku masih gelap gelita lepas ni.

I used to spend time doing this with mother. Sesi berurut bergilir2 with her on the weekend. But ever since mother spends most of her time at the restaurant nowadays, we did that less often. Crap, this year belum pun ada sesi ramah mesra itu. No, wait...we had that moment when we were in Bali last month. Hmmm nasib!

Am making chicken porridge for dinner. Sebab gas di rumah sudah habis; aku malas mau call Pacik Gas suruh hantar gas...therefore I decided to use the rice cooker instead. Riiiiight...aku memang pemalas gaban! Kalau ada gas harus aku masak lauk sampingan kan? Jadi kira ada hikmah penyakit malas ni datang sekarang. Wachaaaa!


2 hollered!:

Lola said...

Witch is a hunter! Hahahahhaha

Body scrubbing ooooo u need it! Hahaha I kid I kid (senyum seriousa)

BibiEr Karim said...

Apa tu witch is a hunter? Are u talking about VD?? Ugh haven't watch the latest episode ok.

Oh yeah soo need it. Tumbuk mau? *senyum sumbing*

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