5 March 2011

Ye kot!

Spending the weekend with catering orders. And movie dates. I am loving my life to the very core. Syukran ya Rabb. The dark phase has passed by...now it's time to celebrate my victory. I have bought something for myself even. It's a gift to me for being able to withstand the obstacles that hit me recently. Injured & wounded; bruises everywhere. But hey; I managed to quell the sorrows.

Went back nearly dusk just now. I am indeed worn out but all sweats worth it. Sleep deprived for days already. And I woke up way too early this morning after hitting the sack only few hours before. I need to go to the pasar besar & pick up the kuehs ordered for the catering. Arrived cafe at 7am & started coordinating since then. All went well & smooth; alhamdulillah. Balik rumah senang hati...penat berbaloi2. Planned to go out to watch Sanctum but eyes were too heavy to lift up I decided to just sail right after shower. Only to be awaken 2 hours later by endless phone calls. Sangat kacau daun! Don't u have some mercy on me? I am in dire need of an adequate sleep. And seriously in an overdue sleep-debt to the system. Ntah bila dapat bayar hutang tidur tu. Tiap kali belayar, mesti ada gangguan nan pasti.

Anyways, I did make a promise to upload pictures from my recent holiday trip with mother. Right? Ok, since I can already get online through the lappy...I'll upload them soon I got the pictures organized. Beratus Banyak kot kalau nak upload sume. And also few pictures gurau senda penyedap mata pemenuh ruang blog. Wachaaa!

Cheerful face before boarding. Because I arrived & checked in few hours prior. Unlike last time...uhuk; kisah hati terpaksa jadi kering .


2 hollered!:

isabelle said...

hamboi..kemain lebar senyum dia.
mcm x percaya tgh bruised n wounded

BibiEr Karim said...

Wiii yg tu senyuman sebelum kejadian dibruise & diwounded. Hahaha. And da bole senyum mcm tu da skg...all the sorrowfulness da buang ke blkg.

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