9 March 2011


Oh yeah, I stick to my favourite character. No worries to that. I am the greatest procrastinator, still. Promised to upload pictures...but ended up delaying everything. Let alone keeping the promise I made to myself. To update on daily basis; that is.

My excuse for now is...the workload at the cafe. We're short of manpower for the time being hence I have to turun padang as well. Ok, that sounded less convincing & no one would ever buy it. Yet, that's the fact u have to swallow lei. I arrive home 8pm daily...and IF I decided to go for a yamcha moment with friends or soul therapy after work I might reach home nearly midnite.

Exhaustion doesn't do good to the system. Brain functioning not so well & can't even command the fingers to scribble. What I need most is rest; to recharge myself as a preparation for another 'battle' the day after. Kunun. Hence the nyepi blog activity for days.

Hope the pictures below will do. I have tons of stories to put in here but due to time constraint, I was forced to put them on hold. Also after few times of reconsidering...I made up my mind finally. That is to keep them to close friends only. Never to be reveal here. Ok sila duku kepala sebab poyo gaban.

Mother & I before the wellspring at Pura Tampak Siring. The view mesmerized me. Subhanallah; cantik banget. I wish I would have taken video of it. Hampas.

Alhamdulillah...mother reached the Tanah Lot. Air pasang so ndak dapat lah berjalan dekat mystical pura tu.

Ok, gotta make my move now. Students start flooding the cafe already. Nanti gue update lebey ya.


4 hollered!:

Melle said...

more pics please! sya suka tu pic no. 1, cantik! :)

BibiEr Karim said...

Baru sy igt ko xda fb to view my recent pics. Bah nnt sy upload kio. Once sy gain the precious time to do so. Ahaks.

The 1st pic kasi nmpk sy tua dr my mom. Uhuk. Tp sy ska tu pic hence I still upload it.

isabelle said...

mmg anak mak yg baik la u ni. tabik spring 1x

BibiEr Karim said...

Harharhar. Alkisah aku hanya seorang anak dara si ibu. Jadi terlebey gedik sudah.

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