30 March 2011

I will haunt u!!!

Last night...I spent my whole night watching Kangen for the 2nd time. Still cry my eyes out just like when I watched it for the 1st time. Proceeded to Cinta Pertama right after I finished the first movie. Another film that nearly ejected my eyeballs off the socket. Do they really need to be that good? Jiwa menahan sedu sedan. Sobbed like I just loss someone dearly. *knock on wood*

I was at UMS Security office this morning. Lodging a report regarding the hit & run incident yesterday. But alas, nothing could be done apart from taking report & informing their patrol unit to track down the vehicle. Plate number wasn't registered for the university's sticker hence there's no record of the car nor the owner existed.

But being headstrong that I am, I didn't give up as yet. I asked for a friend's favour to track the owner's name. Or better; phone number & address using the only source I have. Bingo! Got the name & the address. Called a friend working in this uni & found out the owner is not a student of this uni. So I assumed the lady who drove the car might be the sister. I dig & dig...and finally I got the owner's office number. Better than nothing. I called & turned out the father is the boss. Owner is in Australia at the moment as per the father told me lah.

Princess: Siapa bawa itu kereta kelmarin?

Mr T: Tidak tahu. Itu kereta duduk diam2 sana rumah. Mana ada jalan.

Princess: Oh ya ka? Ada 3 orang nampak dia langgar. Saya mahu settle luar...tapi kalau susah sangat mau cakap, saya report polis saja terus ini macam.

Mr T: Oh ada orang nampak ka? Saya pun tidak tahu siapa bawa sebab tiada anak sekolah atau kerja di UMS.

Princess: Tidak apa lah...mungkin itu kereta berjalan sendiri pigi sini lah kan?

Mr T: Tidak apa miss, nanti saya cek tanya siapa bawa. Will get back to u later.

Just for the record...that bloody Silver car's driver is a regular customer at the cafe. One of my worker even remember her face. Not to forget my uncle & I...we both recognized the car. Siapa ndak tinguk kan kalau student drive Rush. Harus ada wow di sana walau tahu itu kereta Fa&Mo. I am certain enough if I saw her *Insya Allah akan*...I will definitely know if she's a regular or not. Boleh pula bapa dia komplot menipu.

I don't really pay my mind to the damages...but I am looking for some honesty & sense of responsibility here. How can u hit someone's car & drove away just like that? Admitting ur mistake won't harm u. Let alone kill u. Please dong, tanam sifat berani kerana benar. Wise people will go out of the car & at least leave a note IF s/he can't find the owner of the car they just hit...but what she did has finally toughen my theory about uni students nowadays.

Ya Rafiq Ya Muiz, aku mohon kemuliaanMu agar segala urusan sempurna dengan redhaMu.

p/s Siapa yang telah bantuin gue dalam quest tadi...makaseh ya. Sayang korang.


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ochs widdle said...


nanti i try download sendiri.

BibiEr Karim said...

A'ah youtube. Pasal tu xclear sgt. Ko download dlu, klu xdpt roger2 aku ye.

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