19 March 2011


Just came back from a dinner cum movie date with my most loyal & lovely companions; Ms. Laura & Miss Imelda. It was a treat for Mel's 29th birthday. Had dinner at SR & later watched World Invasion. One helluva evening for me. Destress moment with them is always the best.

Considering it's already late...and I need to hit the sack just about yet; I'll just let the pictures below do the talking. Like I always do when I am out of words to scribble. Or sometimes when I'm not in the mood to write much. This time; it's about me saving time. I should hit the sack already but being me...dragging time has become part of myself. Harus sebar share yang buat gue happy.

This was taken when Maya & mommy visited moi at the cafe in the afternoon.

And we had lunch together.

Later in the evening, headed to 1 Borneo for dates mentioned earlier.
Image: My all-time fav, ice chocolate with whipped cream. Heaven!

Menu for dinner. Shepherd Pie for moi. Puasa alergik aku memang yangyuk.

Yang diraihkan. Bz looking at the menu & didn't realized I was clicking her since the moment we arrived. Tinguk menu ka dalam diam pikir bingung umur sudah naik tangga? Ahaks.

With Kakak Besar whom; obviously has hit the 'another year to golden age' way earlier than us.

Both kakak besar(s).

Brownies super duper sedap. Can I have another one; like now? Laperrr! Ginilah kalau perut tembolok gajah. Macam ada harimau tinggal dalam.

And lastly before I click the publish post tab; here's for u.

Miss Imelda Vanessa George
Happy 29th birthday darling. Remember, a birthday is just the first day of another 365 days of a journey around the sun. I hope u will enjoyed ur trip. Thanks for the friendship. And I love u!


4 hollered!:

FifieJay said...

Happy belated bday to your Kakak Besar!! :D Hahaha

BibiEr Karim said...

Will make sure she'll get ur wish. x

Melo said...

our last twenties!! must enjoy to the max, lol. thanks bebeh for this sweet entry, xxx. luv ya too!

BibiEr Karim said...

Yaaa...note taken. Nnt sy akan enjoy brabis msa turn sy. Hihihi my cyber fren above wishes u tu.

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