26 March 2011

Deceiving Blue Jones

Pic credit to Wikipedia.org

Flick I watched last night.

If u should ask me about my rating for it...I shall go for 2/5. Don't ask me why; u gotta go watch it urself. No, I didn't say it's not worth to watch nor I say I dislike the movie. It's just that in the very beginning, the storyline was kinda bit confusing. Most of the scenes need thorough observation. U have to comprehend each sequence of the moving images in order to get into the story.

As from my point of view, the best part of this flick would be the wise words spoken. They conveyed lots of lessons. Kudos to the script writer for the brilliant idea of words. Through out the movie, I can't help but to plant them in my mind.

Here's are my favoritas.

If u don't stand for something, u WILL fall for everything. *MY MOST FAV*

Your mind can set u free. To reach ur own paradise, u have to LET GO.

What u are imagining right now...that place can be as real as anything.

All in all, I could say Sucker Punch is replete with lessons in life. How to survive...how to endure the trials that is thrown onto our life.


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