24 March 2011

Cheer up la weiii!

These past few days...I chose to place myself in a pretty complicated roller coaster ride. Whirler! And up to this moment, I am still wondering what caused me to opt for such decision. Do I really enjoyed that kind of ride? Or was I left with no options? At situation as such I know no one shall be blame but myself.

Rarifying simple things will never be the right way to deal with my daily problems. But still, I ended up picking the same path over & over again. Reminiscing the past shouldn't rendered so much questions & 'illness' only IF I could hold myself up from dwelling. And become so melancholy.

I hope I could treat myself a bit better. Show some mercy to the overwork brain. Chill & understand the real meaning of relax.


2 hollered!:

isabelle said...

chill out babe.
go treat urself with mkn2 or shopping, mesti ok

BibiEr Karim said...

Nak blame hormone...baru je period. Pelik bin ajaib betul.

Will do some retail therapy this weekend babe. Thanx.


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