28 November 2011

Fuh II

The gorgeous yet most inconsiderate Ms. Insomnia is back! Meddling with my system for a week already. Yes, I am officially sleep deprived! I sleep the earliest 3am daily since last week. Woke up few hours later feeling less energetic & weary. 

And say Hello to the Panda Eyes! Eye bags is getting worst! Appetite decreasing! And NO, I don't like that part although some might say this is the perfect time to get slimmer. Burn the bulging tummy off. Because, when this continues gastric is the next visitor I will need to entertain. Definitely a big No-No as I have wedding to attend this coming Saturday.

Woot! Another bff is getting hitch! I will not cry on her big day...will not, will not. *sesi motivasi diri supaya jangan drama over!*

Mind has been acting quite weird these past few days. Sebab kurang tidur; alasan terbaik! Fluctuating mood. I guess menses coming anytime soon. And I chose to pretend to not understand the words migraine & backache this time. They tend to tag along with menses & I know if these three come in one go...I will not be able to enjoy myself during the big day. Mood spoiler tu nanti. Sila tahu, muka monyong adalah super bidak dalam gambar, ara Bie?

Will be attending the big day with a friend; whom out of the blue invited me to tag along. Or aku yang mula sesi getek tanya why not pigi together2 with only one car. Brilliant idea to save my fuel! He asked such super bonus question "Are u sure u're going to the wedding". Hello Mr. R! For sure lah aku datang. Dengan ndak malunya bertandang & menjemput diri sendiri kalau peranten lupa untuk menjemput. And later will certainly smack her head for forgetting me. Drama airmata kalau aku orang nan penting dilupakan!

And lagi getek bila kami berjanji taat setia to wear according to the theme colour. Tiba2 si kawan mahu berdondon2 sama aku. Choii! Orange + Fink. Silau jiwa aku upon hearing the bride-to-be uttered the word orange. Of all colours! Fuh, nasiblah bff jadi harus aku kuatkan hati untuk menurut perintah. Tapi ngam juga because he claimed that fink is somehow a kryptonite to him. Ni kes orang perasan ada darah kacukan sama Supirman Superman. And wedding kali ni juga aku bakal jadi co-pilot, something I haven't done for years I think. Selalu aku jadi supir but not this time. Peluang direbut harus kalau sudah kena offer. Araso?

Anyways, I am currently compiling few pictures of Kizzy & I. Soon to be uploaded in my upcoming entry. Post ntuk ucap selamat kepada bakal peranten harus ada. It's my azam half-year of 2011 under blogging category. Kau ada?

p/s Whenever I started filtering, blocking, deleting or removing thing(s) in my life; obviously there's something I need to fix in the system. And yeah, sedang dalam fasa itu. How I wish....



Nurul Aima Hj Kaim said...

dunt delete me..ha ha ha aku ni sbb aku virus ko deletedelte x pndi hilang..

BibiErr Karim said...

Wakakakak xku mau delete ko nanti susa aku mau stalk ko. Hahaha.