23 August 2011

Ketentuan Dia

Up to this moment...I've been drinking like I've never drank before. Thirsty every single secs. Dehydrated perhaps. Or was it the sign menses is eventually visiting. If I ignored the thirst, dizziness occurred. And that has got me thinking...does it means that I have low blood pressure? God, there I go again. Making simple thing more complex. Shoo shoo bad thoughts.

By the way, I guess it is not too late to convey my deepest congratulations to my darling bestie; Ms. Hafizah Samsir for conceiving! Alhamdulillah; praise be to Allah the Almighty for the greatest gift. She had a miscarriage a couple of months back & that has brought her in deep despair for quite a while. And as promised by Him; thing(s) He took will still be replaced with something far more treasured. If it's not here, then it would certainly be in the hereafter. Because Allah wills goodness & mercy for all his creatures.

Thank You Allah for the blessing & not letting my friend be heavy-hearted for too long. I was utterly happy when she told me the news a few days ago. She even apologized for dragging the time to share the great news. Well darling, please erase the guiltiness already for we know exactly the reason why u kept it from us. The most important thing right now is to take good care on the thing growing in ur tummy. I am enthused, still. And I can't seem to stop praising Allah; The Beneficent & The Most Merciful.

Yes, 2011 has brought so much blessing for me. Surrounded by pregnant friends is one of them. The big sister; Laura is 6months preggy. Nor; whom just got married last June is 2 months preggy. And to date, Pijut. With Grunge church blessing next month, I guess the number of mothers-to-be will grow. She plans to get pregnant by Nov this year. Insya Allah; God's willing everything will turned out the way it shall be.

Speaking of pregnant friends, please don't ever think of giving me the super bonus yet non attractive multimillion RM question. Because like I said many times before, it really is not my right to speak. I never own the right, ever. I surrender everything to Allah; The Knower of All.

At this age, I know it's normal to worry about my marital status. I'll be lying if I said I never thought of it. But why shall I rush thing that Allah has long written in Loh-e-Mahfuz? Who am I to order Allah to expedite? Being given the opportunity to breathe is already more than I should received! Have I practised enough to even dare to make request. Please be ashamed wahai Cik Err.

Therefore next time u think of bringing up this issue...please oh please think again. Thoroughly. Even IF I have someone right now, I still don't own the right to tell u when the big day is going to be. For I myself do not have the answer. Even IF I have plan for it...the future is still something I shouldn't anticipate.


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