9 November 2010

Dag Dig Dug terbalik Dog

Where shall I begin? sigh

I have not update anything about the wedding yet. Although it will only be updated with pictures & a line or two of caption. I have not reply the email from Cano*n delighting u always regarding the quotation they sent. I need to call & respond in order for them to proceed with the repair. I have not decide what decoration / theme for the upcoming baby shower party. Fening.

And I have not make myself clear to certain someone who doesn't seem to understand words I say. I refused to prolong the issue but that kinda feedback annoyed that someone big time. What shall I say or do towards someone who chose to only hear & see things they want. Fening.

This weekend mahu shopping barang decoration for the said event. Decorations for the living room...and the centrepiece for the table. Also mahu cari favour for the guest. Harus yang best because I'll be getting one as well. Idea belum mari...hope something great will pop out before the weekend. We're searching for something cute yet elegant...most importantly, within the budget. Bought the gifts with Laura last Sunday. Nanti gue buat sneak peek pic ya. Bilang surprise, jadi harus gift pun akan ditunjuk ala kadar.

Tomorrow I'll bring Darling to the clinic. Her 1st time ever meeting the 'doctors'. Hope they won't do something like what the previous doctors did to Kens. I'd asked a favour from Ijal to tell his friend who works there to be extra gentle & to look after Darling during the service. Sending her to the clinic means more holes in the pocket. Two unforeseeable expenses this month. Cost to repair Blackie & to service Darling. Alhamdulillah...I took the right decision to put the urge to buy the oh-so-luring gadget; on hold. Bijak pandai kau kadang2 kan Bie. Inilah reward kalau bersabar...kalau fikir masak2 prior making any big decision.

Perlu saving mati2an for the Kolumpur trip next month. Ada plan baik punya sama cousin terchenta. We're gonna paint Tambun's town red. Kunun. Therefore aku kena bijak beribu kali bijak in spending my money this month. Sila hentikan aktiviti online shopping...same goes to browsing kedai online. Because honey, u know what happened when u got too carried away with browsing & going ooohhh wahhh cantik ni tau...u'll ended up filling the order form. Next thing u know, u were transferring money...and later anxiously waiting for the item to arrive at ur doorstep. TIPU...it's more to waiting for the claim slip & melawat post office the next day untuk tuntutan barang. ugh

Sila berbijaksana berbelanja. Nanti kau yang rugi menyesal nangis darah.


p/s Sibuk runsing risau pasal benda remeh temeh...amal ibadat sudah top up belum Bie? Erk.

2 hollered!:

isabelle said...

harap2 semua berjalan lancar lah ye.

BibiEr Karim said...

Thanks Belle. Same goes to u as well. Hihi Insya Allah semua baik2 aje.

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