8 November 2010

Mood untuk memblog tiba2 disappeared into thin air. Semua gara2 soalan cepumas & nasihat & kata perangsang & bermacam2 petua yang diperolehi last Saturday. Fyi, last Saturday was the day my close cousin brother got married.

Drama! It took me days to absorb everything...including the fact that he's no longer my baby brother. He's someone's husband now. OMG rasa mahu guling2 atas tilam...tumbuk2 bantal...tendang2 kepala katil. Alah rasa jak belum betul aku buat.

Angah & cousin are going back to Kolumpur in 2 hours time. And I'll get to meet them again in 36 days. ugh gigit jari, gigit lidah. Ndak kesabaran mau landingkan diri ke Kolumpur. Nan ado perangai bongos. I so can't wait to meet friends whom I haven't seen for eons. Lame gilak alasan.

And woot, an interesting story came up just now. I just found out ada orang tunding jari ke badan sendiri gara2 entry berapi naga marah spesial aku. Aduii bah sian. Sekulamit kuman pun kau itu tidak terlibat darling. I was so mad at that time hence the explosion. But frankly...the whole shit of madness has got nothing to do with u. Oh my, do I really need to give credit? Sila berhenti ada sifat perasan dipersalah ya. Mind was in total mess at that time hence the blowup yet I had zero intention to dedicate that entry to u. If I were to write something about u, I'll definitely used that term I gave u & typed words u may not need to decode. In which I think has came to ur awareness by now.

Don't think that will destroy my awesome weekend. It's just damn funny how some people prefer to be the brilliant fish like I talked about here. Didn't I told u to get urself free from the net before more traps coming in? See...u've got urself caught one more time. Boo hoo.


2 hollered!:

isabelle said...

ada org perasan dipersalahkan?

BibiEr Karim said...


Byk sgt anyam ketupat psl aku kot, tu yg apa je aku ckp dia igt tuju ke dia.

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