26 October 2010



I left home a bit early to work this morning albeit hitting the sack late last night. Felt great the moment I woke up. Kind of morning I wait about because I know my whole day would turn out great as well. Alhamdulillah for Your Grace, Ya Rabb.

Hence why I love addressing Tuesday; my pink day.

Was talking to Laura about the oh-so-great Iphone4. Both of us are dying to get our hands on the phone. Like; reaaaaally dying! I watched VD EP06 last night...and guess what? Stefan, Elena & Catherine are the latest eye-catcher gadget's users. See, even vampires own it.

*sigh* With Blackie being not well; Kolumpur in Dec; Darling's interchange of number fee next year; Bandung/Bali in Feb; and loads more other 'unexpected' expenses...I think I shall keep on dreaming of getting one myself. Darling is the greatest gift for me this year & that alone shall be more than enough to be consider as pampering-me-moment. NOT. Gotta hold the desire to own the gadget for next year's gift. Patience is the main key to stay rational. *uhuk batuk kering*

Haven't take my breakfast yet. I'll leave u with words from Laura...it came out of nowhere & that she called her moment of unpredictable 'wisdom'. It got something to do with what we 'discussed' just now. Apart from Iphone; for sure. Some melancholy plot took place in my life that left me wondering & thinking & question incessantly. Just when I was about to question more...Laura surprised me with this.

"It's amazing how many fish we can catch throwing a small net in a calm lake"

Well darl, I so know what u meant & that immediately calmed the jumpy me. I didn't expect that I would be lucky to catch specific breed of fish when I threw the net. Yet, some fish are just plain bright. Instead of getting rid of the net, they swam towards it & get themselves trapped.

Poor fishy. I have no power to unleash u from the net. U gotta do it by urself. Now hurry...free urself. Before more nets came in.


4 hollered!:

yangmenagihjanji said...

saya adalah mau menagih janji utk bawa saya joyride. sekian. lol

BibiEr Karim said...

Budus. Siapa kah anda? Janji bawa joyride? Si Imelda 'Markus' George ka ni. Wakakakak.

Melo said...

wakakak tekaan anda tepat sekali..lol. Sori yg last sat, tia dpt tulung menghantarkan tuan puteri utk berjumpa c Darling k. My head was killing me at that time. But i still demand the promised joyride! lol

BibiEr Karim said...

Ko xbangga ka 6th sense sy skg ni? LOL hmm tu tuan puteri merajuk suda sma ko jd lmbt2 la baru ko dpt joyride bukan joy tu.

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