4 October 2010

CutiCuti: Indonesia - Puri Dewa Bharata Villa Seminyak, Bali

Property: Puri Dewa Bharata Villa, Seminyak 
Date:  27 June 2010 - 29 June 2010 (2 nights)
Price: 85 USD/night per room (~RM 270.00)
Room Type: Deluxe Room (3 rooms) with breakfast included

Booked via their website (here).

The reception area. 
Guest Room.
More guest room next to the reception building.
Ours are located behind the reception building. 
How the walkway looked like when we arrived that evening. Romantic mood is in the air. Ok that was for the two newly weds in the group. Mr & Mrs Syl. 
The ladies room. We got the downstairs villa albeit I booked the deluxe room. I think we've been upgraded but the guy that checked us in didn't say a word about room upgrading though. 
Spacious room & bed. Enough for us four ladies. There's a television in the room. As well as an en-suite bathroom. But I don't remember seeing any electrical appliances in the room except the hairdyer in the bathroom.
The newly weds got the upstairs villa. And the other 2 gents got the downstairs villa just like us ladies.
Resting area in front of the gents' room. 
Do not ask me the whereabouts of this property. We were picked up by the driver we've hired prior coming & he drove us all the way to the villa from Ngurah Rai International Airport, Bali. All I knew is that the hotel is located in the central town of Bali. Near the famous Kuta beach. 

But getting to this villa was a bit of a challenge. Traffic jam! Super bad. And we experienced the congestion through out our 2 days stay there. Every morning we had to go through the traffic jammed before reaching our destination(s). 

As for the service, I don't have much to say as we were barely at the villa. We spent most of our time outside. Check in was smooth. But the check out process was a bit tedious. One of my friend had to pay for the laundry bag that he took. And it shocked us! 5 USD for a freaking laundry bag?! I thought it is free. No, we all thought it is FOC. 

Despite that, we had a pleasant stay. No mystic thingy happened although the villa is surrounded with so many figures & sculptures. But hey! It's Bali, people. Those are their Gods. Might be frightening /scary to us but not to them. Tutup mata jaklah jalan waktu malam untuk avoid dari terperanjat beruk. 

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