28 April 2010

Alkisah...ndak sempat mau share cerita awal pagi. Duhh; pentingkah cerita awal pagi aku ah. It matters kot. Terima jaklah; nama pun blog aku punya kan. Owner adalah berhak tulis apa jak.

Sent mother to KKIA before heading to workplace this morning. She'll be in Genting until Friday; work purpose. And will only be back home this Sunday. The remaining 2 days, weekend in Kolumpur harus. Perlukah ah mau conference pun sana Genting. Grr please know, I've just activated the envy mode. I was late to work though...say like; an hour. I dislike people who enjoyed taking advantage on other. And I don't feel like talking about that non-living things & their superbly brilliant brains already. It's too sickening for review purpose; trust me.

On another note, I went for a meeting organized by the uni's Housing Department. It's regarding rules & regulations; pricing; food quality & whatnot. Attendees were the student representatives, cafeterias' representatives & the admin people.

Firstly, like any normal meeting mestilah ucap tahniah from the chairman. Then, we proceeded to rules & regulations. An Ass. Profesor from the School of Food Science briefed us on few of the do-s & don't-s. 3rd agenda was on quality. Pastu aku hanyut dengan kemengantukan tahap gaban.

Just when I was about to sail into MY own dreamland...the 'suara hati ma**siswa' session took place. The session ke udara right on time. I was waiting for this session from the start. Jadinya, meluah lah perasaan wakil2 tadi. And aku adalah sikit lagi terburai isi perut upon hearing all the complains & nonsensicalities.

Ok, let me put some of the so called complains in words.

P1: Kenapa harga sup + daging + ayam + mee = RM3. While sup sayur RM1, bila kami tambah ayam ia jadi RM3. Mahal. Tidak logik.
Chairman: Oooo...berapa lah harga makanan di Alamesra or 1B?
YoursTruly: Sup + daging or ayam + mee = RM3. If daging + ayam it will be RM4.

P2: Ayam kami dapat tu kadang tulang.
Chairman: Kali nasib ko ndak baik bah tu time kan.

P3: Harga teh RM1. Tapi barang buat tu semua bukan mahal. Kenapa tidak jual RM0.80.
Chairman: Hmmm...kalau mau murah gitu, beli 3in1 lah saya rasa senang.
YoursTruly: Wah breakdown gitu. How about gaji pekerja & other utilities bills? Yes, ikut cakap Dr. Chairman itu...beli & buat sendiri baru ngam.

P4: Tolong pantau kualiti makanan...kadang sedap kadang tidak.
Chairman: Itu bukan kualiti, itu ialah selera.
Me: Why not maggi-ing urself like I did back in uni.

P5: Nasi goreng yang dijual masin.
Chairman: Berapa kali kamu makan?
P5: Erm...sekali.
Chairman: Hmm memang nasib malang kamu masa itu. Benda tu memang akan berlaku sekali sekala, tapi tidak tiap masa jadi itu bukan masalah besar.
YoursTruly: Bagus suruh tukang masak jangan taruk garam, siap masak ko taruk garam ikut rasa ko. Cool is it.

P6: Sayur pahit yang dimasak tu pahit...seolah tidak dibasuh dengan bersih.
Chairman: Bila masa sayur pahit jadi manis.
YoursTruly: Bagus lagi aku yang ndak berapa tahu spesis sayur...tau juga sayur pahit tu pahit. Like duhh...hence the name ok.

P7: Makanan di cafe tu tidak sedap. Student lebih suka makan maggi dari beli di cafe.
Chairman: Sebab diorang tu malas mau turun ke cafe. Or kamu ni rindu masakan rumah, tulah cakap tidak sedap.
YoursTruly: Sounds like moi...was too lazy to put my tudung on. But I never lodge any complain regarding makanan not good therefore I opted for maggi instead. So not the logic ok.

phew...there were few more that I remember but I guess the points above are enough to explain how smart they are.

I mean, come on students. Aren't there any relevant issues to bring up rather than those rubbish. U wanna talk about price breakdown; sila ambil kursus basic business. Sedap or tidak...memang benda tu wujud. Hence why the word tidak sedap was invented. If u don't favor the taste even after complaining...then sila lah cari tempat makan lain. No one forcing u to dine at 1 specific cafe only.

'Kids' these days. Need I say more? sigh sigh sigh but why I wasn't surprise anymore?

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Mel said...

muahahaha..sott smuanya. sia sia ja tinggi2 belajar lolzz

in THE name OF the WHO said...

wakakakakak..... i never tot that the better education we provide, the stupidier the student get...wakakak!!! salute la sama dorang...

BibiEr Karim said...

The Prof said...RM0.10 means the whole world to student. How about spending for online shopping? Or lepak d 1B? Hmm...sy dlu diam2 xckup duit makan for I know I've spent my cash on movie etc. Deii suda xpandai manage duit sndr, blame lg org lain.

I WAS a uni student jg bah.

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