29 June 2012

Solo Adventure: Part 5 - Oxfordshire

On my fourth day in Europe. Azwan sent me to the coach station early in the morning; right after breakfast. Mesti ambil breakfast sebab Ernie sudah penat kasi ready semua.

I traveled to the central southern of England, home to one of the oldest university in England; Oxford. This city has always been in my wish list of places to go. Known also as the city of dreaming spires; I indeed admire the harmonious architecture of their buildings.

And sure enough, people whom are close to me know exactly the very reason I really want to go to Oxford. Erm, does 'Avada Kedavra' rings a bell? Ngeh.

Lucky me because this station is situated not far away from Ernie's place.
Change ur £notes to coins here if u intend to buy ticket at the machine or snacks at the vending machine next to it.
Like I said previously, people with more than 1 luggage is common there. Most likely u will encounter 1 or 2 in a day. 
As I took the 11a bus, I arrived Gloucester Green Bus Station, Oxford in the afternoon. 15mins to 12p. For those who like to take the HoHo, turn to ur left after getting down from the bus. This booth is situated at the far left corner. Easily seen with its merah makngah color I supposed. Bus departed from the station every 15mins & u can either buy the ticket from the booth or directly from the driver. Oxford is a small city, really. One can actually enjoy the city with just walking. But I opted for the HoHo still because I just feel like wanting to hop on & off. Logik lah kan.

Ukiran sudah berusia more than hundred years but still survive to this day. Very intricate & scrupulous artworks; it can still be observed by the young generation. Subhanallah bakat designers itu harus anugerah terindah.
Thorough preservation work carried out to maintain the originality. Old buildings & carvings remained intact.
Distinctive features of architecture design.

Garden that can't be access by public. Only students of the college. Maka cuci mata meninguk dari atas bas jak lah kan.

Tranquil city Oxford is. I love how the people here is so friendly. Jalan pun relaks gilak...no rush whatsoever. Aku jak lah yang berlari ayam mengejar masa takut ndak sempat cover the places I have in my list.
Can't help but to take picture of this restaurant. 
Located opposite Christ Church college at St. Aldate's. Alice Liddell formerly frequented this shop. She used to buy sweets here. In which later she got the inspiration to write Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. Her father was a Dean of Christ Church college & Cathedral. Today, it is now a gift shop selling souvenirs & memorabilia ALL based on Alice. Too bad, photography isn't allowed in the shop.
Entrance to Christ Church college; the most aristocratic college in the univeristy. Maka jantung start pam darah melebih. Main reason why I was so eager to set foot upon this college is because most of; Harry Potter's scene are shot in various locations in the College. Yeah, itu favorite movie gue. 
Cloister Fountain. Verse from the bible inscripted at this fountain. Oh by the way, u have to pay an admission fee to enter the College. And it cost £8. 
And here it is...laid before my very own eyes. The Great Hall of the college. Truly a reminiscent of dining at Hogwarts. Fortunately there was an exhibition held at the dining hall that day & I arrived just on time to enter the Hall. Alhamdulillah, ndak sia2 berjalan itik excited masuk kolej ni.
Serius, mimpi jadi kenyatan. Syukur.
Some of the buildings surrounded the college. It is both Oxford University's largest college & the Cathedral Church for the Anglican Diocese of Oxford. 

Radcliffe Camera in which camera means room in Italian. A circular library located adjacent to Bodleian Library. The area around this library was originally partly paved, partly cobbled & partly graveled. 
It's either walking or cycling. Udara ndak semerbak bau asap kereta. This was taken on my way to the New College of St. Mary where Harry Potter: The Goblet of Fire was filmed. 
I got the Harry Potter's feels upon entering the walkway of the New College Cloisters. 
Most of the scenes in Hogwarts were filmed here for the 2005 installation. 
The very tree where Malfroy was transformed into a ferret by Mad-Eye Moody
And Yours Truly is finally standing on the very ground, beneath the famous Harry Potter tree! The reason I walked all the way from Christ Church...although I got lost at first in searching for the college. Lucky I found the right way after flipping the map up & down. 

Preserving the old buildings = keeping the history.

The Saxon Tower of St Michael, at the North Gate is Oxford's oldest building. 1000 years old. It is so called a church because it's the original location of the North Gate when it was surrounded by city wall. St Michael at the North Gate is the current city church of Oxford.
The souvenir 'shop' that was mark in the map I got from the HoHo bus. I initially thought it was really a shop; big one. Selling gifts & souvenirs. Turned out, kecil tu jak. More like a booth to me. Tapi memang variety lah barang dia jual.
Located at this street. Just a walking distance from the Saxon Tower it is. 
I hopped on the 304 service coach from Oxford...bound to Birmingham at 5p. Took my lunch Ernie packed for me earlier that day, on the coach. Because I was so occupied with walking & awing the architectural works in Oxford I simply couldn't find the perfect time nor place to enjoyed my lunchbox. Sudah penat jalan, harus perut dangdut kelaparan. Baru kau tau apa itu 'makan' kan Bie.

Fried rice + fried wings + English veggie + sambal belacan + hot black coffee = perfect lunchbox combination to end my  'A Day in Oxford' misson. 

By the way beb, I am missing ur cooking already. Also the time I had with Aariz. Best layan cheeky boy bergusti.


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