8 November 2011

Spa-B Gitu!!

And so last night was the time for the monthly routine; the self-pampering session. During this session, I will be in the bathroom a little bit longer than any other days. Body scrubbing; tripping macam di spa! 

Like the previous sessions, I self-scrub my body with my favourite whitening body scrub which late Aunty Ana bought for me from Indonesia. In CHOCOLATE it is!!! Favourite sangat mainly because it's among the many precious gifts from her, and secondly because it is the only body scrub left  at home . But fact I can't deny is that I smell like a chocolate cookies every time after using the product. Apart from the scent, it moisturized my body very well. Very refreshing indeed.

Yummy! Not too harsh a texturel just nice to blend well with the skin. And remove the unwanted(s) of course. It is a whitening product...tapi sampai sekarang aku wondering kenapakah aku masih kelebihan kandungan karbon. Fine, kurniaan nya Allah harus disyukuri Bie!!
New products I bought last Monday...soon to be added in my routine. Anyways, yang kuning tu shower gel ya teman sekalian. Got it half price for the purchase above RM45. *likeeeeeeeee*

I'm gonna have my own foot scrubbing session at home sweet home. Yay to that!!!! I don't feel good with how my heels look nowadays. Unexplainable ugliness. Cracks here & there. I can't bear looking at them actually. Regardless how discipline I am to applying the foot lotion before going to bed every night...the cracks seem too stubborn to cease away. I've tried few products before; including Skin Food. Failed. Ellgy did wonder to my cracked heels before but that didn't last long either. I stopped applying when they got better...but it gets worse not long after I stopped using it. I really hope this new product could do magic to my troublesome heels. 

By the way, I told mother about what I bought at the same store she bought her perfume. I was confident she was definitely going to bombard me with banters when she suddenly asked me to get the warm water ready. Untuk hapa? Untuk rendam kakinya beliau...*nangis darah* After soaking & scrubbing...she uttered the magic questions that almost made me swoon. 

"Kenapa ndak beli set mani-padi? Boleh buat macam di salun terus. Nevermind that, bila lagi buat foot scrub ni? After berapa hari baru boleh buat lagi?"

Erk...akan ada next session kah wahai bunda??? As per Bear told me; "Itu surga Bie, layan kan jak". Right!!

p/s Since crack heels gue adalah super hancur, itu akan dipraktik twice a week. Sehingga keadaan kembali licin. 


5 hollered!:

Nurul Aima Hj Kaim said...

surga d bawah tapak kaki bunda ya bibierku...rajinrajin cuci kaki bunda...ha ha ha..

isabelle said...

uishh..tak sanggup aku menempek kat muka.
kalo aku tempek pun, mesti kat area yg boleh dicapai dgn lidah jadi clear.hehe

BibiErr Karim said...

Aima: Ya Mumi. Aduh bila la aku mau ada anak cepat ni...boleh tlg cuci kaki.

Belle: Ko memang kannnnnn.

Malicious Mind said...

Punya best! Chocolate lagi.

BibiErr Karim said...

Best. Lucky bukan dark choc, klu dark harus ada tu 'finger licking good'. LOL

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