20 November 2011

Beautiful Souls

Birthday shoutout to the beloved not so little brother of mine...happy turning 27 this year. U've been living for twentysevenyears in this world already man! 

Just make sure, u have invest something for ur future! Including the 'real future'. Take good care of urself. We don't really clique like we used to when we're kids but my love for u remain the same. *ok part ni aku gegar kot mau tulis...sebab geli2*

And although u could be the most annoying person ever existed in my life...also such a pain in the ass most of the times; still I thank Allah for sending u as my brother. In whatever circumstances be it the best or the worst, family always come first. Always!

Last but not least...I wish u all the best in whatever thing(s) u decide to do. May Allah's bless be with u all the time.
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Ok part muntah rasa chenta sama adik sudah selesai. Harus habis sampai sana. Kalau berlarutan nanti jadi kudis bernanah!

So, Tower Heist was the movie I watched for my date with Grunge+Rio. I was on leave last Friday due to something related to amendment when she suddenly brought up the idea to watch movie together. It's been a while I know. We used to hit the cinema very frequent before she got hitched; of course time tu together with the dude la. And we go out less often as her big day approaching because too many things we have to handle at that moment. She & the big day. Me & things at the cafe. Lucky, technology is there to connect us everyday. 

I was hesitated to watch this flick when Ezza first told me the movie is quite entertaining. Screw me for judging prior even watching. Truth is, Mr. EM's appearance in the movie somehow affected my mood to watch it. Not that I don't favour his acting...just that I prefer to not watch his movie after watching Meet Dave. Aku dapat aura "euw ok enough of him & the face expressions already" right after MD.  

TH reeeeeeeeeeeeally worth my time! Also Rio's money. Thanks Rio for the treat, thanks Grunge for the dinner although I didn't eat much. As u said the other night; I looked rather pale & dull. I was trying to put pieces of my shattered spirit back together. And I know the reason u want me to tagged along was mainly to make me put all the somber mood behind. And guess what? It works! Didn't u hear my endless out of tune laughter? Sepanjang 2 jam tu saya ketawa ok...!

Watching at Ben Stiller make me feel 'old'. I don't remember when was the last time I watched him with more hair & less grey hair. But I kinda like his appearance this time; macam more serious than he used to be in his other movies that I've watched before. Yup, he aged with style! Mata biru air laut adalah sangat soothing. Oh by the way, *saja jadi joyah jap* It's said for this movie, he was paid an amount of $15M. *source: Wiki* 

Gila kentang gaji gitu.

All in all...my Friday sailed by oh so perfectly! I thank Allah for the feeling. I thank the people around me for giving me the chance to be in their life.

p/s Makaseh ibu Grunge & bapak Rio.


2 hollered!:

in THE name OF the WHO said...

What the woman in RED is a LESBIAN?

OMGeeshhh..Part tu yg kluar2 air mata sa ketawa a...

Thx sbb kc kawan kami juga..
Si rio tu klu ketawa control jd x siok...
Klu ko ketawa, well u noe how u laugh...

BibiErr Karim said...

OMG...itu part sy ketawa paling kuat! I didn't even care what the people in front or behind me say. Sy sakit perut ketawa!!! That part sy rsa paling klimaks!!

Ehem, cuba jgn second statement sy about how I laugh. Adeiii cover line skit bah.

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