6 August 2011

Give it to me bebeh...ahaks ahaks!

Woke up at 3am for sahur & resumed sleeping after SuPra. Oh yeah, I overslept! That explained the throbbing headache. Also the sore around my eyes. And therefore I decided to only start sailing to dreamland after sahur later. I know so unwise time management it was.

To fill in my long awaken hours; I'll make kueh-s for tomorrow's sale. I wanted to make apam gula hangus & kaswi pandan using the molds I recently purchased. For sales during the Ramadhan, I preferred using the mold rather than the pan. Because I only make small batch for each type. Easy peasy to measure also estimate the ingredients used. Plus I haven't have the gut to make them in large batch yet. Large which means adhering to the original recipe. No altering, no making half of it.

Insya Allah, I will try my best to improve from time to time. One month is more than enough to practise & be better; I shall say so. Everything I learned this month will be the threshold for what I'm gonna start soon. All in good times. With God's willing for sure.

I will start baking raya cookies in a week time. Pineapple tart is certainly in the list. I so can't wait to start making the tart. I was indeed excited upon stumbling across the infamous recipe at the net. And yeah not to forget the makmur rajin as per Chom called it; requested by the '5 months preggo' Kakak Besar. Hopefully all turn out well.


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