23 November 2010

Age increase twice...in less than a month.

Laura has finally uploaded the pictures taken from her camera on Grunge's 21 plus 8 burpday party last week. Because I wasn't quite satisfied with the quality of the pictures taken from my oh-so-pathetic camera phone *only the camera not the phone ya*, I decided to share the pictures from the party in this blog once more.

Peduli biji mata bernanah nangis darah kau sana balik2 dipaksa mengadap gambar(s).

Anywoot, big thanks & hugs to Laura for sharing. That is after a week nagged by Grunge... psycho-ed by me about the long delayed pictures. They are all up tonight; just like she promised.

As the youngest & trip-est member; Miss Linawa presented the gift from the PPGs.

Wonder what that little missy has in mind upon giving the bangle to Grunge. Muka adalah ketidak relaan di situ.

Monster of any sweet thing that she is.

The eldest, the Chief & the youngest member.

Harus ada muka enter frame dalam blog sendiri. Moi brought out the cupcakes & the rest sang the burpday song to Grunge. Impromptu & surprisal moment it was!

Shy2 cat kunun...petui adalah.

I is lurve all the cuppies. Scrumptious cupcakes from Boutique CC in Lintas.

Maya sulked when we didn't sing any song for her. Every birthday cake...every candles...Maya harus ada share.

In order to fix Maya's not so pink mood...another cake cutting & burpday song for them both. Glad Maya liked it & she smiled ear to ear when given the chance to blow off the candles.

Lepaking. Makaning. Anyam ketupating.

Last but not least, carrot cake Grunge bought to serve her guest. Sedap sekali nyaman aman damai.

Ok siap. Maka tamatlah sesi meroyan pasal Grunge's gontua day.


3 hollered!:

isabelle said...

ahhh...bab makan mmg best (bab berkumpul pun boleh jatuh no.2).

in THE name OF the WHO said...

on ur 4th pic caption, ko cakap sa the eldest!!! salah fakta tu!! wakakakakkaa...thaaankss~~!!!!

BibiEr Karim said...

@Belle: Ouh harus. Makan biar sampai muka jadi sememeh.

@Grunge: Sila terima kenyataan!

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