29 November 2010


I've set a resolution early this year...that is to spend my Sunday to the utmost. Regardless what I do, as long as I get to go out from the house & breathe the fresh air outside.

It's also one of the best way to destress the mind after working not so hard on the weekdays. Yesterday, the weather was being nice to me. Although it drizzled on my way to the beach that evening...amazingly it only lasted for less than 15minutes. Alhamdulillah.

Had tea with cousins at Tg Aru 2nd beach. Decided to catch the sunset before heading back home. Unless menses on cycle, I've set myself to be home right after dusk. Before dusk lagi bagus but normally memang tengah2 Maghrib tu aku sampai rumah. Balik hujung2 Maghrib...nanti mengangkut bersama si Laknat(s) pulang ke rumah.

Upon arrival. The cousins were there earlier than moi.

With Ari or was it Ade. Lantak pi, janji I was with 1 of the twins.

Twins paling jajal *nakal / naughty* dalam dunia. Comel jak pose aku, boleh pula mata kena cover. Hampas!

The twins' elder brother, Adam Isaac.

The not-a-child-anymore cousins, continued the evening at the 2nd beach restaurant.

Clickaholics us. It's in the gene, so blame our parents.

Pokok kelapak.

Nia said this pic reminds her of Madagascar. Oh yeah, like u ever been there kan.

Main reason I love lepak-ing there; apart from the breathtaking view...is their cheeseburger. But lately rasa burger itu semakin nan ado. They USED to served super mouthwatering cheeseburger!! Kenapa harus berubah rasa? Bah, emo tetiba.

And later, the not so little bro & his little in size partner; joined us.

Bergerak pulang. Oh yeah, we do have gimbaran. Wakakakak.

I lurve this!!!! Subhanallah...

p/s Nabi SAW umpamakan perempuan ini seperti pokok semalu. Ia kuncup dengan sendirinya apabila senja menjelma. Maka itu bila waktu semakin senja, pulanglah ke rumah wahai para wanita.


2 hollered!:

isabelle said...

lain kali masa amik gmbr, tahan nafas, babe...hahahaha

BibiEr Karim said...

Hahahaha baru nak bergaya cun tp tukang gmbr da klik, xsempat sedut perut.

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