11 November 2010


Ngeh~~~I've finished my chores.

Currently in the midst of waiting for the machine to complete its tasks. 3 rounds of washing tonight. I've hung the 1st round on the clothes-line. Why so many rounds while there's only 3 people living in the house? Because I wash the clothes separately...according to their type. I don't mix shirt & pants. Same goes to pants & lingeries. And I don't put baju cantik / baju lawa / shawl / mother's office attires together with the baju rumah in the machine. Harus menjaga pakaian supaya lambat 'buruk'...jadi ndaklah membazir kena beli yang baru selalu. Haaa ya sangat...ayat boleh humban masuk laut.

Ok malas membebel. Let's jamu mata with the oh so menarik pictures below. Konon poyo pakai numbering segala. Choii.

1. Dinner with brother & cousin at Fook Yuen...last Mon's night. Sedap gilak rasa dia macam di hotel jak.

2. As promised...sneak peek on the gifts we bought for the baby shower party. I personally lurve the Play & Quilt...how I wish I can be a baby again.

3. Last night, dined out at mamak in Lintas with the ladies. It's been a while since I had my piece of roti planta. Sedap sekali. Mel sorry didn't snap ur photo last night. Gilak occupied with the explanation by Liz. Hihihi alasan harus baik punya bah.

4. Went out around 11-ish this morning to the Labour Department. Yeah, that building again. Fetched cousin; Nia at her house in Tg Aru. She escaped from her school's sukan tara. Lunch at TeaTime, WM while we waited for Darling to finish being bathe. Lupa snap cotton cheese cake & eclair kedai tu yang incredibly sedap...even Nia lurve the cake. Serius sedap ok. Sedap sedap sedap. Ok stop. Anyways, keychain tu aku beli last Sun at Kids Avenue, KK Times Sq. It says Special Sisters & harus aku beli mainly because of the color. While that pink flats baru rasmi jadi hak milik aku...after lunch this afternoon. It's lurve at the first sight...saw it at the shop next to the cafe we dined at. Tanya saiz...try lebih kurang...terus membayar. Bidak betul perangai.

5. Alhamdulillah I have zero regret washing Darling today. Was quite hesitant at first but seeing her covered with dust break my heart. Hence the decision. Ikut kata hati jak...probably it won't rain, so the instinct said. Syukran ya Allah for fulfilling my du'a. The sun shines all the way from early in the morning...although ada mendung sikit towards the afternoon. Yet, there's no single drop of rain. And sunset adalah sangat cantik. Clouds formation sangat cantik. Color of the skies sangat cantik. Subhanallah. Too bad I can't shoot the beautiful sunset ray from my room like I always do. Macam lari sikit position tu matahari untuk terbenam...if only I could climb up the apartment building, memang manusia paling happy adalah aku. IF! Pics below were taken while I was on my way back home. Traffic movement was a bit slow so I took the chance to take few pics of the skies when the car's in idle mode. Sila percaya. Ngeh~~

6. And lastly, kain baju setinggi KLCC I've mentioned in my previous entry. The cheeky lecturer Ms. Belle gave me a brilliant idea; that is to flatten the piling clothes. Thanks Puan, I ingat nak buat 2 sessions lipat kain. Tonight & tomorrow. Tapi setelah perataan dilakukan...terus I semangkit nak lipat. I finished folding in less than an hour...pat on my back.

And itu wrap off entry untuk kali ini. Memerah santan sendiri kau Bie.


4 hollered!:

lola said...

the eye bags woman!!!!!! LOL

BibiEr Karim said...

Oi that pic of urs punya kicik pn ko bole nmpk eye bags?

Ko xrasa ko ialah PADI MONYET MAKAN CILI?

isabelle said...

hahaha. kalo i yg flatten, alamatnya bertambah la smpi the following wkend (sbb terasa mcm sikit je).

weh...mkn kat umah pun siap ada bks steam dim sum tu ke?

BibiEr Karim said...

Alasan! LOL yg tu mmg xleh nak ignore sbb my mom da siap ckp klu xlipat gak dia nak derma kat kebajikan. Kejam btl.

Bukan kat umah..tu kat kedai yg gile femes kat KK ni ha.

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