26 November 2010

Krok Krek

Reddish eyes. Burning tongue. Headache. Neck-pain. Sweating palms. All come visiting at once.

Few of the cousins have been visited by fever & flu since last week. Starting with Girl who passed the virus to her brother; Ezad. Later Baby drank from the same glass Ezad used & she got sick the day after. Both cousins were at my house the other day. I babysit Baby last Weds. Uly who sleeps in the same room as Baby, has started feeling unwell. She's sleeping on the couch in front of me right now.

I hope the fever will rest its case on visiting me today. Oh please do come on another day. Sunday sounds perfect. I have kenduri tahlil to go tonight...later to Laura's house for some retail therapy session. Yes, shopping comes to us. Bless isn't it. And I also have a wedding reception to attend tomorrow. So practically, I can't afford to get sick. Punya alasan mau hantuk ke dinding.

On Monday I have to meet my tailor wah tripping ada tailor sendiri for some alteration of my baju penyepit. Last time she measured me...I were still in a good shape. By the time she completed the baju, I have developed a few centimetres of extra fats here & there. Yes u got it right, I couldn't fit & hide the extra fats in the baju. A little bit of alteration at the zip & chest area will do I guess. Jangan jak aku nampak macam pregnant lady time wedding tu. Harus bunuh diri.


6 hollered!:

isabelle said...

kalo nmpk isi2 terlebih tu, just claim "oo..ni girdle kat dlm ni haa... eh, apa pulak girdle mahal ni jadi berbonggol2 ni?"
dah la kantoi, xnak ngaku murah pulak. hahaha.x boleh blah

BibiEr Karim said...

Belleeeeee...aci x klu lps tu makan penampar orang yang disepit a.k.a pengantin. Sgt in denial tahap gaban if nk follow idea u. Hahaha tp kreatif gak la. Nk menayang girdle nan mahal katakan.

The One Who Cares said...

Demam ke awak?

lola said...

lorveeee my jumpsuit! LOL

BibiEr Karim said...

Lurve my baju(s) as well. LOL pinjam meminjam amalan mulia kama.

Anonymous said...

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