30 November 2010

Cuppa Cuppa

Just got back from the NRD (JPN) building. Went there to amend some documents regarding my workers' passport application. My bad. If I have arranged & settled everything earlier, I could have collected all the passports before I leave for Kolumpur. I learned from my mistake; never will I ever procrastinate important things as such in the future. Kalau ndak serik juga, sila duku kepala sendiri.

Since I was already at the building, I took the chance to replace my current damaged MyKad. Regardless the long queue & ocean of people waiting for their names to be called. The process took less than an hour to finish. Alhamdulillah. Kali ni Aku puji efficiency kakitangan kaunter JPN Sabah ini kali. All counters are open to serve as well. One huge problem though, my face on the new card is gonna be the hideous pic I've ever had in my entire life! I ain't kidding. With puff up cheeks, tudung serabai & most of all; unprepared moi to be photographed! If it's not because of the 2 elderly waiting for their turn behind me, I would definitely have force the counter-man to retake my pic. I freaking look like a bloody fatty fugitive. Chop! Aku version OMG-what-a-pretty-cute-lass lah tapinya.

Done with my things, I met the Graham's at the visa application section. Few documents needed were missing hence the big sister needs to complete everything before they could proceed with the application. 2 days going back & fro...just for the sake of getting Stu & Maya's visas done. And I considered myself lucky for I learned about the process through her.

IF I were to marry a foreigner *note the word IF, people*, I have to get back to Malaysia a.s.a.p to register whatever it is that need to be registered. Else, I'll become the most bighearted generous donor to the government because of the fines I have to pay. Procedures pening lalatkan kepala gue. Aduhai kunun ada hati kau mau kahwin foreigner lah? Hampas ada.

Not going out anywhere tonight. I was thinking of a movie date with mother but I gotta ask her first. From what I've read in the net, Crowe's latest film; The Next Three Days sounds pretty appealing to me. I've finished my houseworks last night so I hope mother would agree with my suggestion. If plan A fails, I'll proceed with plan B then. That is to continue watching Harry Potter previous series through the lappy. No dinner though because I've swallowed enough carbs & fats for today. A cuppa shall be my only company.


2 hollered!:

isabelle said...

babe, if u were to marry a foreigner...
sila baca my entry yg 'taste mat salleh' dulu tu. hahahah

BibiEr Karim said...

Babe, IF je. Hahaha taste mat salleh yg u bentang xseberapa panjang lebar tu kan. Agak2 I masuk x any of the category. Ala da gelap ala2 pra-celup rasa menarik hati diorg kot. Lalala~

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