19 November 2010

Chamber of Secrets Evening

Fine...posts aku lately dipenuhi suka duka kehidupan gambar. Aku pun sendiri muntah darah bila tengok. It's just that I'm currently lying in the zone that accentuate pictures uploading rather than typing words. Yeah right.

Before I glue myself in front of the silver tube...here are some photos to cuci mata.

Cheeloh sleeping soundly on the chair. Alone.

And suddenly...I didn't notice when he moved & settled himself in the basket.

Accompanied by his gay partner; Cafe. Of all baskets in the house, do u really need to share with Cheeloh? Can't u just share with 'someone' ur size?

Haa, told u already Cafe. U can't simply squeeze urself in a basket with Cheeloh on it. Unless Corridor is on it. Or lupa, Corridor dislikes u.

Reason why I lack the interest to update more...cerita ceritu more...is because the out of a sudden rajin moi found the cd below. Second installment of Harry Potter's film series. I is like & happy cipan...mainly because Dobby's in it.

Super adorable Dobby!

Oh u melt my heart! Please notice as well; budak bertiga yang masih chomel loteh masih mentah. I tetiba rasa umur meningkat. Ahaks.

Ok as said earlier...this will be a quick update. Oh yeah just for the sack of an update gitu. Mahu bercengkarama bersama Dobby. Walau tiada bulan purnama malam ini.



5 hollered!:

lola said...

jiki is hardcore HP fan, read the books over & over & over again....

isabelle said...

bahaya ni... bercengkerama dgn dobby.

BibiEr Karim said...

@Belle: Dobby chenta hati baru. Ngeh~~

@Lora: How I wish I have such passion. Tp klu watch it over & over & over again; harus sy bole buat. Reading? Mesti ada sbb kukuh baru bole tu. Pemalas dasar.

Steffy said...

omg. pnya besar & kiut. tu la. mau jg p share sm tu 1. suda la sama2 besar. wahahaha

BibiEr Karim said...

@Steffy: Besar & adorable & hug-able. The other 1 kicik skit tu tp xsedar diri mo jg share sm yg lion size. Kin ketawa ni xmau kalah.

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