27 November 2010

Burps Banyak Kali

*clearing throat*
I seriously thought the soto I had for breakfast would be enough to withstand my appetence. At least until this evening. Because I have a wedding reception to attend at 7pm. The fact that it is held at a hotel made clear to me food served definitely will be immensely great with carbs & fats.

But the thought went straight to the drain upon seeing the box below. Sat next to the microwave...it's like the box was trying to tell me that the content needs to be heated prior consumption. And since I had just finished cleaning the house, I guess it's not a crime to just have a bite or two of it. Aha bite or two sangat.

Who can say NO to the content when the tummy has long rumbles. Rumble lah sangat cik Err.

There are only 2 slices...and another 1 in my hand.

Added with my favorita hot white coffee from ElkenR...it really is a bliss tea time for moi. What's more when it's pouring heavily outside. Boleh jak aku mengarang mimpi di dalam jaga. Ahaks.

Alkisah, ada penyesalan berdendang di jiwa. Kenapalah aku ikutkan hawa nafsu untuk menelan benda alah di atas. I ate all 3 slices, oh my! I should get a knife & slaughter myself. Since I've consumed more than I allow myself to...I should eat less at the reception then. Secubit rasa for each dish served. In order to compensate the fats I've swallowed just now. Memang saiko gabanlah. *sila tolong tension untuk aku...sambil tap my shoulder*

Will depart from my home with Memel at 5pm. Tumpang Nor's house for MagPra before heading to the hotel for the reception. Grunge & Rio will be there earlier hence I've told her to reserve seats for us. More photo sessions...I is like.

Ok now let's start fening with me...because I bloody don't have any suitable attire to wear! ugh ugh bakar almari lah macam ni bah.

Mari layan lagu untuk tenangkan jiwa. Ngeh~~


4 hollered!:

isabelle said...

ni dah mcm memberi idea utk dinner mlm ni.
malas kuar umah sbb tadi hujan.malas nak masak. tapi xnak mkn qualer oat jer..hehehe

BibiEr Karim said...

Belle, lagi best time hujan2 tu kan. Sambil makan pizza, sipping hot coffee...dgr lagu syahdu syahdan. Make sure pasang headphone, baru lg mengancam effect dia.

kizzy tf said...

hahaha lain kali kau pass jak piza tu sm aku.

erm..mug mu tu mcm kiyut jak. bg aku la!

*jom lunch d piza, cam best kan?

BibiEr Karim said...

Mcm ko tu dekat kan mau mem-pass. Mug itu suda lama menjadi teman setia gue. Xbole bagi.

Bah jom. Bila kunun? Atur sma dorg Zai. Sna 1B jak kita ah. Sila jemput aku. Thanks! LOL

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