17 November 2010

Anak Gue

Selamat Hari Raya Aildiladha to all Muslim readers.

Alhamdulillah & syukran Allah atas rezeki yang nggak pernah putus. Korban saving to 'freed' Blackie. Ahaks.

It's been sometime since I last showed my children to the world. Dulu suka minta puji a.k.a menggedik menunjuk muka2 penawar hati gue. And since Blackie is back to action...I decided to shoot the children soon after I arrived home after picking her up from the service center.

And here I present u, penawar duka lara pengarang jantung pengubat hati.

The eldest and most veteran; si Chombee. Handsome not so young man he is. Mother's favorita & he sleeps near mother's underarm.

The tripping princess cum Chombee's half-sister cum his girlfriend & wife; si Chomel.

Chombee & Chomel's only children left; si Cheeloh. The bubbliest cheeky. Not to left out the fact that he's the biggest & heaviest.

Adopted daughter; si Corridor. Found her at my previous office's corridor & hence the name. Suited the initial C that we used for the children. She's the most boastful arrogant child I ever had.

Adopted son; si Cafe. The spoiled & youngest. Guess u know where I found him based on the name.

I wasn't quite a cat lover...itu dulu ya. I used to scream my heart out loud every time they came near me. But I guess the saying "never hate someone u'll end up falling more for them" had landed & planted the curse in my life. Loving the invasion & I thank God for giving me the opportunity. To want to love them...to take care of them...and keep them.

They will NEVER read this I know. Whatever it is, aku mahu dunia tahu chenta gue ama mereka insya Allah nggak akan pudar sampai habis nyawa gue. Oh yeah, I could be a bit sentimental & emotional when it comes to the children. Ngeh~~



6 hollered!:

ochs widdle said...

oh maiiii..
i love kucennnnn!!

BibiEr Karim said...

@Cha: Awak klu jumpa Cheeloh sure jatuh chenta. Sbb dia sgt peramah & sgt gedik & sgt gebu.

ochs widdle said...

tengok muke pun dah taw.
mesti deik gler nih.

BibiEr Karim said...

Gedik & geletis.

isabelle said...

hensem lah...
ni statement ikhlas drp seorg yg ailurophobic tau.

BibiEr Karim said...

Kenapa phobic? Hensem kan? Nnt I bgtau dia ada lecturer puji dia hensem.

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