9 October 2010

CutiCuti: Bali Day 3 - Goa Gajah, Kintamani & Ubud Market

Final update about the trip. Terbukti kan aku memang pemegang award The greatest Procrastinator & Loser termasyhur.

In the midst of making myself busy at the moment. Gotta get going with Wid's engagement pictures which I took last Sunday. Oh please sila jangan biar client(s) friends lost their trust on u darling. And never let that tongol sickness of u get in between the thing assigned to u.

So I'll just leave u with pictures, alright. Sambil trigger mode happy editing. Ngeh~~
During breakfast; sambil discussed with Pak Laba (our supir) about the places we wish to visit.
Before leaving Seminyak.
I was the co-driver...paksarela.
One of the many rumah lukisan in Mas province. Ok hakikat sebenar, gue kelupaan nama rumah itu.
The handmade paintings here are to die for.
Next stop at Goa Gajah.

A'hah kepoyoan terserlah.
My FAV teh botol.
Lunch at Kintamani overseeing an active volcano mountain; Mount Batur.
The PPGs without Mel.
Taken by Rio. Sabotaging moi's not so gorgeouslicious image. *puke*
Berhenti sejenak menikmati teh PERCUMA di pondok nan sejuk...bukan di stesen minyak macam di Malaysia. Ngeh~ Laura got to test the famous Luwak coffee. Because si anak burung a.k.a Turak fooled her.

Tegalalang, Ubud. I is love the view. Very systematic & brilliant technique they used to water the rice terrace.
Ubud Market...no other than beli ikan retail therapy session.
We are alive when it comes to shopping.
Group photo before heading to our villa in Ubud. We stayed there for a night; just for the sake of wanting to have our own pool right in front of our room. Choi sangat.

Mobil yang banyak jasa. Departed from Ubud as early as 3am to catch the flight at 6am. Ngurahrai Airport is just a 30mins journey from the villa but we just wanna be extra careful after what happened to moi days before. Once bitten, twice shy; so it says.

And it's a wrap for my Bali trip update. I've fulfilled my promise; EVENTUALLY. Alhamdulillah.


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5 hollered!:

ijad said...

besar cermin mata tu.. peace

ochs widdle said...

lagi best kalau dapat bali massage.

BibiEr Karim said...

@Ijad: Besar adalah 'it' style masa kini. Alkisahhh.

@Ochs: Uhuk Bali massage xsempat sbb kejar masa mcm masa nak abis. Hihihi. Next time insya Allah.

ochs widdle said...

huhu.bilalah saya nak pergi bali nih.
macam menarik jer.

BibiEr Karim said...

Mmg menarik. Insya Allah akan smpi nnt. Nothing's impossible.

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