15 April 2010


what's with the sudden sighing? Phew...I've been generally incompetent these past few days. I fumbled almost everything.

Still I haven't found the reasons that lie beneath these awkwardness.

Jiwa ndak kacau juga tapi rasa ada lohong. Kenapa ahh suddenly ada rasa pelik macam ni.

The feeling I've been having lately make things more complicated. Yes peeps, I rarified simple things because I love dragging myself into the melodramatic phase.

The jigsaw puzzle symbolize my heart. 1 piece went missing when u're not around me. Hence, the incompleteness.

I know exactly; missing u is not the main reason for this uncertainty feeling. My mood fluctuates every 5 minutes...that is enough reason to say u're not the one who pulled the trigger.

I wish u were here with me...and I pray I will pass this through soon-ish.

Cepatlah petang menjelma...sangat ndak selesa sudah duduk di ofis bersama jiwa nan keliru ini. Alangkah gumbira hati kalau dapat balik & tidur.

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Anonymous said...
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BibiEr Karim said...


Kenapakah anda berjaya? Aku tau ni ada org membucur rahsia sama ko.

Bah cepatin turun sni.


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