29 April 2010

Mother's not around...so the 2 siblings buat rumah ala wrecked ship. NOT. Brother spent the whole night watching the football matches. Note the plural. And wrapped his night with the tele watching him slept.

While moi, being the ever reliable daughter & sister *clapping hands* did the housechores. Lucky I didn't have to make dinner because brother had his dinner outside early that evening. I did the laundry, vac-ed the house, wiped the dust bla bla bla. Didn't sweat much though so I guess only a few kilos were burnt.

After spring cleaning, I sat in front of the lappy. Browsing the net. Also editing pictures taken during dinner with the old friends. My oh my...uploading pic in fb takes eons these days. Kesabaran di situ.

I hit the sack around 1am this morning. The children; Cheeloh, Cafe & Corridor gave up on me when I ignored their ramblings. My children are the smartest...mau tidur pun hint lagi ah. Non stop meowing...but when I stay put with my things, they will stop. And resume 'singing' when they heard me got up from my seat & headed to the bedroom. Harus semua tu berebutan masuk bilik ah.

Talking about them won't bore me...ever. There are times when I feel like not wanting to meet & talk to people...and chose the children to be my only companions. Pouring my problems to them somehow soothe the mind, made me more relax. Its like the string that tied me was released instantly. I just can't get enough talking about them. Bahana benci dorang dulu...karma eats me eventually. Now; I choose them before the boyfriend.

Chenta hati; pretend u didn't see this ok. I love u still but I love the children more. Ngeh~~~

2 hollered!:

in THE name OF the WHO said...

huh! mana ada KG yg tershed tu...G aka GRAM (minus the kilo) sj yg tershed tu....wakakakakka

BibiEr Karim said...

Deii suara2 si penyemburu bah..paduli la klu kilos. Biar sedap skit mata sy baca next time.

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