10 April 2010

Woke up early only to realized that I am on leave today. Biological clock has permanently set the mind to 7am now. Parah sebab Subuh prayer masih depends on alarm clock ok. What's more when it comes to tahajjud. Memang harus alarm clock tu diset untuk repeat every 5 mins.

I was supposed to sit for an exam this morning...but the heart & mind didn't feel like going. Because I've decided to not go...off I went back to dreamland. 2 hours later...I was all awake. Took my shower...berdandan ala pink only to match the new pink handbag. Breakfast with mother at the Java stall in Damai.

Alkisah walau bercuti...tetap hadir diri ke cafe. Collection kena record since Bungsu ada football match this evening.

And I have just found out how brilliant cik Err is. Read this.

Friend #1: Ko bilang ada new blog...mana tu url.
Moi: Oo lupa kestau. Ni nah bah. *giving her the url*

Friend #2: Bah mana url blog baru...saya mau follow. Blog ko lagi 1 bersarang sudah.
Moi: Ya kan lupa...bah ni nah.

Friend #3: Uit...url blog.
Moi: Adeii lupa...ni nah.

And few minutes later..

Friend #1 & #2 & #3: Mana boleh buka tu..bilang public can view. Yg tu invited readers jak.
Moi: Oo ya ka. Jap sy cek.

............few seconds after...........

Moi: Ahaks..sorry tu ari sy kesiokan create new blog so dlm proses mo adjust sy kasi viewable only to author. 1 month sudah sy buat entries, rupanya sy jak SS baca sendiri. It's still under viewable to author setting.

Friends: Buduh palui kan kalau ko.
Moi: Ok lah right away sy kasi public.
Friends: Bah capat.

Super brilliant right? I told u. I procrastinate...and in the end, I tend to forget about it.

But will only published it to public tomorrow. And harus ingat untuk thread the bffs. Nanti c Madam Laura mengaus.

2 hollered!:

Anonymous said...

no wonder baru kemarin aku rajin meng-logged-kan diri n baca blog ko but was frustrated coz there was no new entry :P kesiokan SS rupanya (pijut)

BibiEr Karim said...

SS harus...byk makna tu.

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