24 April 2010

I had a movie date with Eda last night. We watched 'When in Rome' at GSC, 1 Borneo.

Initial plan was to have a dinner before movie as we haven't seen each other for nearly months. Eda takes her master degree in KK for about 2 years already. During that period we haven't get the chance to do a movie datetogether yet. Totally the opposite to what we always do back in Kolumpur. Blame the schedules...ngeh~~

When in Rome was awesome. It's somehow a light flick but I still love it. In time of despair, this movie is kind of a remedy. Curing the injury. Poyo. Kesiokan ketawa from the start till the end...Eda laughed hard too. Sesuai gila untuk jiwa kacau. All in all, it worthed my RM8 ticket.

This morning, I had breakfast with Pijah whom will be going back to Kolumpur this afternoon. Brought her to the java stall at Gaya Street...favourite makan place for most of the family members.

After breakfast, I took her to some must-see places in KK for some pixie session. I firstly took her to Bukit Bendera. Kalau bawa malam, harus tempah bala kan. Jadi bawa lah time siang, dapat dia tinguk view of KK during the day.

~Us @Bukit Bendera~

She went all gaga while we're up there. Aku kan dah kata Pijah oii, KK ini adalah sangat cantik. The blue ocean almost makes her scream. Sebab di Kolumpur, 'laut' yang ada hanyalah man-made. Harus the smell ndak kan sama. After BB, bawa dia pigi area Pelabuhan. Then off to Tanjung Lipat. Sebab mengejar masa yang jeles sama kami, last destination was Likas Mosque. I wish we have more time.

No worries for she'll be back here again with Bear...harap next year lah. Baru ngam aku aku amik cuti & stay overnight in Kundasang. Ronda2 the highland also invade the islands. Insya Allah...dengan izin Nya.

Gotta go now...have to send the cousins to Indah Permai. Ada sesi mengaji gitu.

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