6 April 2010


all of a sudden, that song haunted me once more. Feel like I was dragged to the past; 13 years back. And I found myself humming the melody for few times already since I heard Ain of AF8 sang it last night.

It's not about who dedicated the song to me...really.

But it's more to the memories. Phew I miss my high school years. Specially time rambo bersama & berjiwang karat. Also time jiwa punah ranap.

I wish I could go back to that time & live it once more. Without changing a thing because I believe what happened back then made me the way I am now. I appreciate every single things I did & received...because through them, I learned more about life. I grew wiser because of them too.

I know so well Bear will laugh at me if she reads this. Antara manusia yang menyaksikan transformasi aku masa sekolah dulu adalah minah tu.

How time flies...another 2 years before I reach the big three-zero number. Ala no jak pun kan...apa yang penting, banyak mana amalan dihimpun untuk bekalan. Araso?

2 hollered!:

Anonymous said...

eeeerrrr.. I think I noticed the transformation too though I was not the primer-witness.. but yeah.. aku kagum dgn transformation ko sbnr nya (u know this is pijut)

BibiEr Karim said...

Byk ok Err ko tu. Kagum apa oo dgn transformation xsekata aku ni. Mmg bukan primer witness but u'r still dlm senarai yg went thru the road with me. Love u.

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