15 February 2020

Place - Jeonju Mosque (Abu Bakr As Seddiq Masjid), Jeonju

Assalamualaikum. ์•ˆ๋…•!

5 Feb 2020
Jeonju, Jeollabuk-do, South Korea

I went to Jeonju earlier this month, with a friend of mine; Zu. It was a only a day trip from Seoul. My second time here (went there with my cousin in 2016) & first time for Zu. So basically, si Err jadi guide ndak bertauliah that day.

Will update about that trip some other times. I am still adamant to the idea that I shall publish my post accordingly (by tarikh kejadian lah kiranya). We'll see how long that remains unbend. Hah!

Anyway, we reached Jeonju a bit early since we departed Seoul (Nambu Bus Terminal) at 8am. Journey took approximately 3 hours including an RNR stop. We went straight to the Hanok Village upon arriving. Taking the public bus; by the way T-Money is accepted in Jeonju so you don't have to buy different transportation ticket / card if you already have it.

Had vegetarian lunch at a bibimbap restaurant near Jeonju Jeondong Cathedral, before going to the mosque to performed jama'. We hopped on the bus #58 from Jeondong Cathedral.Hanok Village bus stop & got down the bus at the 11th stop (Junior Chamber bus stop). Another 4 minutes of walkertapaki to reach the mosque. Easy peasy.

Direction : From Jeondong Cathedral, you can also take bus #55, #56, #57 (~24 minutes journey). 
# Pokok botak in front of the mosque (it's winter)
# Ablution area for women; toilets come with bidet
# Men prayer hall seen from the women prayer hall
# Women prayer hall 
# That stair will take worshiper directly to the men prayer hall. We entered through the main door (notice the white box in front of it)
No one was at the mosque when we entered the main door. While taking my ablution, I heard two mean talking outside. In Arabic. Met one of them when I came out of the ablution area. We gave salam to each other; and I went upstairs right after. First floor are for the men while women prayer hall is on the second floor. 

The mosque / masjid looks a bit run down. Especially its ceiling (interior & exterior); paints are slowly peeling off. We saw lots of boxes inside the mosque some are sent from Seoul Mosque. Some labelled with 'Holy Quran' & 'Islamic Teaching'. I reckoned the mosque is undergoing a refurbishing work hence the untidiness (things all over the place).

Even the ablution area smells paint fume. Disorganized cleaning / renovation tools in the storage room & the lights aren't working. Apart from that, the ablution area is super clean. As for the prayer hall (women area), there are boxes lining up the side wall. Also some carpets, mattress and luggage containing clothes. There was no heating in the mosque so we didn't stay long. Tried to connect the heater fan but the outlets weren't working. Or maybe the fan was broken. Zu was already shivering due to the cold (it was winter some more) so we immediately exited the mosque after I finished my prayer.  

We took the local public bus back to Jeonju Intercity Bus Terminal where we departed for Seoul that evening. Alhamdulillah we safely reached Seoul 3 hours later.
# View from the road. Yes, the mosque is located uphill (but less steep than the hill heading to Seoul Central Mosque in Itaewon).



nohas said...

mesti ramai muslim community di sini..masjid besar..

Bibie Karim said...

Nohas: Rasanya ramai kot sebab haritu depan terminal bus pun ada kedai groceries halal. And yang kerja yang convenient store pun muka ala-ala Arab tapi cakap Korean hahaha.