4 October 2013

CutiCuti: South Korea Day 8 - Annyeonghi-gyeseyo Incheon International Airport

Assalamualaikum. 안녕! 


And the holiday eventually came to its end. Sob. We woke up early on our last day in Seoul. Got ready after Subuh prayer...and walked ourselves to the airport limousine bus stop; which is just minutes walking from the hostel.
Last picture with the hostel's logo. No one at the reception. Bie, it was like 4-ish in the morning. Siapakah gerangan staff hostel yang bekerja at that hour kan. Silly! It ain't hotel some more. So we left our room key inside a box at the reception counter. And off we walked to the bus stop. We decided to take the 0530 bus as to avoid any drama during the journey from Seoul to Incheon; or at the airport itself. Malang sangat tidak berbau, it's safer to take precaution beforehand. Yes?
Feeling artist Korea jap...often their pictures taken here. The moment they went out from their cars gitu. Fuh.

The one hour plus journey from Seoul went smooth. Arrived Incheon International Airport in one piece. Thank God we chose to take the earliest limousine bus to the airport as traffic congestion started to build up soon after we left Insadong area. When we boarded the bus, there were only few vacant seats left. Else, we would have to stand throughout our journey to the airport. 
Hyun Joong-ssi! My Ji Hoo sunbae. 
Ms G & I had no problem with our check in. We bought a last minute add-on checked baggage (15kg) the night before as we're not quite confident the extra bags will be considered as cabin baggage; assuming from its expanded size. Alang2 sudah beli add-on, I decided to checked in my backpack as well. Lenggang kangkung masuk kapal terbang with only the bag containing Mr Blackie & few other important stuffs. 

In the other hand, Ms Z had quite a morning drama with her check-in at the counter next to us. She; like us bought the add-on checked baggage the night before. Bigger capacity than us; hers was 20kg. Memang beranak pinak luggage dia yang sedia bagak tu so she decided to upgrade her check-in baggage weight. She previously bought the 15kg when she purchased the flight ticket. 

But, Eonni counter didn't notiche she has upgraded the weight. Terus jak assume the limit is 15kg & automatically told Ms Z to take out few things to reduce the weight. Kunun excess. In panic mode, Ms Z pun susah payah keluarkan segala mak neka yang menyumbang excess itu. Keluar-timbang, keluar-timbang; still excess. And Ms G came to lend hand, reducing more so-called excess stuffs. 

Right after I got my boarding pass, I stepped to the spot where Ms Z & Ms G were. Memang banyak gila sudah dorang keluarkan, still excess juga bilang Eonni counter tu. And suddenly, macam ada light bulb menyala dalam kepala. Baru teringat; why is 18kg an excess sedangkan Ms Z upgraded hers to 20kg. I confronted the Eonni, yang masih degil cakap excess. So I told her to checked the monitor. Then barulah dia senyum kambing busuk somehow admitted her mistake; yet IMHO was rather egoistic. And at the same time, Ms Z unwillingly entered the panic attack phase level 3 when I asked her to search for the notification in her phone to proved that she has upgraded. 

Maybe it was one of her not-so-lucky moment, dapat Eonni counter yang super fussy. Ms G & I were excessed by 2kg but the Eonni at our counter didn't say anything. When we asked Ms Z to check-in at our counter, the Eonni at her counter didn't allowed her to do so because she hold Ms Z passport. Muka dia pun memang Mak Jemah Garang! Siap jeling. Ish Eonni ni, pleaselah jangan tinggal 'stain' to this ladies' memories. Aku baru tanam benih chentakan Korea dalam jiwa diorang tau.

Alhamdulillah, finally lepas sumbat balik semua barang yang sudah dorang keluarkan tadi check-in process for Ms Z akhirnya berjalan lancar. We proceeded to the immigration hall. Sepantas kilat tanpa soal siasat whatsoever kami sudah di departure hall. 
Since we have to take the shuttle train to the departure terminal, we decided to have breakfast there instead. Dari kelam kelibut kejar masa kalau breakfast at the main terminal building kan. Because once we're already at the departure terminal, we could enjoyed our breakfast without getting worried of being late to board. Siap boleh menari gelek sambil makan lagi. Considering harapan someone untuk menari Psy-style di Gangnam went down to the drain, kan.
Opted to tapau my breakfast from this Snoopy-inspired theme cafe. Told u so, Korean + cute theme cafe = inseparable. I had bagel + cream cheese & mocha blended. Di awal pagi adalah normal untuk dilihat si Err minum ice blended bagai. Over dari minah salleh; motif tourist melampau sangat. 
Ms Z bought the same menu as mine whilst Ms G got hers from Starbucks. We took our breakfast in front of the boarding gate. Motif ndak mau tinggal flight kunun ah. Famous dialogue between Ms G & moi everytime we had coffee in South Korea "Memanglah trip habis. Padahal back in KK, singgah Starbucks pun jarang. Maybe once a year, maybe none at all". True indeed. Kedai kopi cokia pilihan kami di KK ni ah.

Anyway at 0900, we boarded the aircraft. Sharp 0935, off we flew back to our beloved country; Malaysia di hatiku. We landed LCCT at 3-ish pm. Ms Z straight away rushed to the departure hall because she had a flight to Singapore to catch. Jumpa suami katanya. Ms G & I proceeded to Asian Kitchen; where we had luncheon together before I bid her goodbye & rode the bus to KL Sentral. She went back to KK late that evening; rindu anak katanya.

Complete is the series of my summer holiday to South Korea with the ladies. Hoooray!!! Although we took months to prepare for it, it ended in a blink of an eye. Langsung ndak kesedaran. But my holiday didn't finish with only South Korea this time. The next day after I got back from South Korea, I was at LCCT with Bunda dearie. Catching flight to the place called; Pearl of the Orient. Last minute decision of Bunda to tag along...suppose itu adalah trip solo. Ahaks. 

Oh yeah, another series of holiday needed to be scribbled here. For that, I'll leave to free time if it ever allows me to scribble again. Poyo!



Ernie Khairina said...

bah..yalah..sa laitu yg nda pernah minum starbuck..kasian



Hahaha tembirang d Seoul balik2 lepak coffee shop ala Starbucks. Di Malaysia, once a year pun belum tentu. Mahal gilos.

DJ said...

wah teruss sambung holiday lagi...bestt!

SuRayA^i. said...

oww dat charlie brown cafe~~ last time sy pegi ctu juz to buy a small bottle of evian mineral water which cost 2000won sbb nak buat msuk toilet je. duh -.-"

Jari Manis said...

Full of memory in Korea right...i love all obout korea termasuklah org2 kat sana..ntah kenapa..


Kaedah cuti sem yang panjang berjela, 3 bulan DJ. Tu yang poyo sambung holiday lagi.


Sungguh rajin kan beli mineral water semata nak buat masuk toilet. Sis pun macam tu, tapi sis lagi poyo. Siap beli air Vitamin padahal yang nak nye botol je. Beli berkali2 pula tu sebab duk terbuang. Aishh.


Tulah pasal. Nextime solo pula gi sana. Memang senang travel kat Korea ni. JM, jommmmm kita mula misi mencari calon2 sesuai kat sana. Ahaks.

Azra said...

Finally abis juak kisah korea nih.. tapi korea ni sangat berhantu kan... skali pegi, rase nak pegi berkali2...


Finally. Punya berchenta nak siapkan. Memang berhantu Azra. Aku plan nak gi solo, jeles ok tengok ko layan blues sengsorang kat sana. Nak gi tengok jejaka kesayangan kat Sukira gak.

♥M.Y.R.A.E.L.M.Y.R.A♥ said...

buatlah total expenses. nak tau jugak


Insha Allah Myra. Ni pun xdan lagi nak list down budget haritu.