13 July 2013

CutiCuti: South Korea Day 1 - Itaewon Mosque

Assalamualaikum. 안녕!

Arrival & Namsan Guesthouse 2
Namsangol Hanok Village

The only mosque in Seoul is the very place I regretted not visiting last year. I remembered we arrived from Yongpyeong resort a bit late that evening. Though we had dinner at one of the Pakistani restaurant in Itaewon...the evening cold weather forbids us from proceeding with the plan to walk further up the hill; where the mosque is situated. It was our first time experiencing winter & the time we had wasn't enough for the system to adapt well with the coldness. 

As I planned to come back to South Korea again one day, I convinced myself that I will not miss the mosque! Alhamdullilah, The Almighty answered my prayer. 

On the first day I set my foot upon the Land of Morning Calm, He gave me the opportunity to visit this sacred place. No words could explain how happy I am. How bless I feel. Syukran Allah.

To get to Itaewon Central Mosque, we took the subway to Itaewon Line 6 (Exit 2). From the exit, walked straight to the first traffic light. Crossed the road *see pic above*. And walked straight ahead. Take the third junction on the left & keep walking until the end of the road. The mosque main entrance will be on the left side. 
Love sign for the far away husband...I forced her to take a picture with the signage. But that love sign she did wasn't my idea. 
Because Itaewon is inhabited mostly by foreigners; it is rather easy to find halal restaurants at this area. U just have to make ur pick. 
Halal products can also be easily found here. 
I overheard the immigration officer at LCCT promoted this restaurant to one of the passenger while we were at the boarding hall.

"Cari kedai nama Siti Sarah; diorang jual masakan Melayu"
Kepochi that I always be; I whispered to Ms G 
"Siti Sarah restaurant. Yang penyanyi tu ka?" 

Yup the menu is  indeed something I would normally find in Malaysia; only the price differ. But it's understandable. For me the price is reasonable; considering where the restaurant is located. Mau dapat barang mentah + halal bukan alang2 punya harga bila di sana, ok.
We were supposed to have our luncheon here but because we got to check-in early...we had our lunch in the room instead. Changed the plan to dine outside to another day. I read from many blogs that we can get to taste the local dishes from this restaurant. Kunun mau merasa bulgogi stew or bibimbap halal...ndak kesampaian. Next time perhaps.
After few minutes of walking; layan nafsu mata with loads of choices for halal restaurants & bakeries...we finally stood before this blue entrance. My heart beats faster. 

"Bie, u're here" I whispered. 

Subhanallah. A place where Muslim is just a minority, stands this mosque. Aku terkedu lagi. 
We walked up to the mosque...and found out, the Ahjussi who take care of the place is a Korean Muslim. I don't know whether he is Muslim-born or he converts. He was not at this pondok jaga as he was in the mosque together with the other jum'ahs; performing Asr' prayer. I didn't perform my solah as I already did my jama' at the hostel. Menyesal ndak singgah solat sunat. Insha Allah next time visit mesti singgah solat.

The view from the stairs heading to the praying hall is indeed soothing. Very calm & peaceful. It was overwhelming as well seeing the new sisters in hijab & some with niqab. For a moment there, I felt a bit embarrassed. I may born as a Muslim but the way I live my life sometimes is too far from what the Qoran teaches me to. Astagfirullah.

Pelbagai bangsa solat bersama. Subhanallah, betapa kesucian agama ini mampu merapatkan silaturahim bangsa yang berbeza.  

Aku berjaya datang...berdiri di hadapan rumah Mu ini ya Rabb. Moga diberi kesempatan lagi untuk jejak di sini. Dan untuk solat sekali. Insha Allah, insha Allah.

Anyway, it's a total bummer that I don't have any picture of Ms G wearing the black long skirt at the mosque.

As a mark of respect, those who who wished to visit the mosque have to wear an appropriate clothing. But worry not, to those who didn't dressed accordingly the management provide long skirts or sarong. 

My two-cents:

Here attached the direction map to Seoul Central Mosque from Itaewon subway station. Trust me, it's so easy to locate the mosque. Although I doubt my decreasing ability to read map these days...alhamdulillah, akhirnya sampai. Dulu baca direction dari blogs orang, aku pening lalat. I always have this kind of thinking...

"Macam susah jak...kalau sesat memang naya".

With His blessing...I reached the mosque without getting lost. Out from the subway station, confident jalan ikut peta dalam minda. As the bestie always say; niat kena baik. Perbetul kalau ndak ngam. 



Anonymous said...

hopefulli chia or zai ada tu gmbr sa pakai eskirt_grungesuperbadasscute

BibiErr Karim said...

Macam xda juga tu.

Saffuan Jaffar said...

ni masjid pertama di korea... kalau ke busan boleh melawat masjid al-fatah, masjid kedua yang di bina di korea...