12 July 2013

CutiCuti: South Korea Day 1 - Namsangol Hanok Village

Assalamualaikum. 안녕!


As promised. Erk? Mood rajin just because...tettt.

Our next destination is Namsangol Hanok Village. Someone simply loves being the 'ambassador' for subway in Seoul. 

To get here, we took the subway to Chungmuro Line 4 (Exit 3 or 4). It is only a station away from Myeongdong. Perfect place to start our journey. Kena start dekat & yang ndak perlu guna khidmat superwalkertapaki sangat. The best way to hint the system...extensive usage of the muscles will soon begin. 

Before that, let's have a little bit of introduction about this place (source: wikipedia)

The Namsangol Hanok Village offers one the opportunity to experience a wide cross-section of Joseon-era citizenry and activities, from royalty to commoners. Hanok or Korean traditional houses have been restored to preserve the original atmosphere of the area. The location of the village was originally the site of a well known Joseon-era summer resort called Jeonghakdong; which means: 

 "The land of the fairies for the blue crane where the Jeonugak Pavilion stands along the stream in the valley".

Through a conducted survey, this place is considered as one of the five most beautiful parts of Seoul. A 'village' that represent the life of the Joseon-era; located in the middle of a bustling city. I must say, it is such an ideal way to teach the people about their history. A perfect place for the family to gather during the weekend as well.

Interior of a home during the era.
The traditional way to heat the under-floor; the ondol heated rock system. Used for heating during cold winters. 

Seeing this remind me to one of my favorite K-variety show; Family Outing Season 1. This is the area of every hanok they stayed; where they will gather to prepare meals, just chit chatting or play games; early in the morning or late in the evening. Right, me & K-variety shows. Never ending will it be. Ngeks.
Walking further up the area, lead us to the place where the Time Capsule for the Seoul Millennial was buried. 
And the capsule is scheduled to be opened 400 freaking years from now. I wonder if this world still exist. 
I don't understand the languages written on the stone table...but I believe there are speeches from leaders of other countries; congratulating Seoul regarding the time capsule thingy. 
Fortunately this I understood...from the President of Indonesia it is.
Moving on to the other area in the village. We came to a place surrounded with traditional houses where I learned that all the five Joseon-era traditional houses were moved here from Seoul.  
Bend a bit to walk through this gate. Imagine their height back then. Do they really were shorter than me? Daebak gila kalau betul. 

Amidst the busy city...there is this gem that plays a role of a story teller; presenting thousand of things from the past. I must admit this place is my kinda thing. I could stay here for as long as time permits in order to understand more about its history.
Young generations exposed to traditional games so they won't easily forget their roots. 

A giwa (tile-roofed) pavilion. Back to the old times, only powerful people or government officials or rich middle class can have tile-roofed house. Because to build this; the owner has to cover the cost of baking & covering tiles. 
A lake is also built to enlivened the village. Just like in most of their drama about past time, a pavilion is always accompanied by a lake. 
Some of the locals as well as the tourist; spending their weekend here. 
I read somewhere that there will always be event held at this place. Tempat ni memang ndak pernah sunyi especially during the weekend. 
After walking around the sandy village, it's time to proceed to our next destination. But before exiting the gate...we used the airbrush *refer pic above* to removes sands from our footwear. Except for Ms G of course...who obviously is playing with it. Dasar!
Stopped by at the mini market nearby. Perlu beli ini! I missed this banana milk tremendously. Last time I bought it because I was attracted to the faces that promoted this product. None other than the nine ladies of Girls Generation. Motif bila minum terus jiwa K-pop membara, kan.
We took the subway to our next destination. Turun naik tangga subway was the main exercise over our one-week there. Rasa sihat gila. Superwalkertapaki was fully utilized. Balik Malaysia, semua otot jadi lembik. Hampas.

My two-cents:

ALWAYS refer to the board whenever u are lost. Ndak payah waste time pakai instinct segala. Time is gold when u travel. If rasa ragu2 or lupa the exit to the place u want to visit, this board really is useful. It shows the places of each exit connected to. This is of important as once u took the wrong exit; u will end up being in a totally different place. Lagi sesat; lagi bingung; lagi haru. 

Well, unless time is not ur hindrance bolehlah bersesat untuk learn more new things. Memang best!


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Anonymous said...

OI! Apa ni gambar saya dulu... nasep I looked cute so yeah... good! LOL.. btw, your caps shud be day 1 ler... bah capat ko update..hahah...peer pressure..lol-grungesuperbadasscute

BibiErr Karim said...

Sepa suru suka jadi duta. Cute eh. Erk? Lol. Yah sudah ubah tu title. Should put it Part 2 bah tu. Waiting for ur update juga. Jangan ko saya sija.

Malicious Mind said...

best ahh ni tempat, boleh add dalam wishlist aku. hehehe

Anonymous said...

sa mo tunggu gmbr ko... bidak tu gmbr sa...kin gali!!!!-grungesuperbadasscute

BibiErr Karim said...

Hihi best. Certain orang ndak faham kenapa aku so into Korea thingy. I cant explain details tapi memang jatuh chenta lah. Over kan.

BibiErr Karim said...

Gambar ko di cam, or gambar ko jadi duta subway yang kin gali. Bye.

N.Aima K said...

gila kaaaaaaauuu!! minum tu boleh jadi membara aura kpop dalaman? ok aku mau satu nxt time ko bawakan aku 1.


Gila kauuuu memang merasa auro kpop terus. Gitu kalau orang hantu kpop kan. Insha Allah, kalau ndak ditahan di imigresen ah. Aku ni jarang cek in beg, suma naik cabin.

Rosmatul Izat said...

Hi bole tk sy dpt kn itenary awk..rosmatulhuzairi@gmail.com

Bibie Karim said...

RI: Sorry itinerary untuk trip ni dah xde. Boleh refer entries lain untuk trip CutiCuti South Korea. Semua tempat yang saya pegi memang saya buh dalam blog.

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