18 February 2012

Edisi: Namsan Tower / Teddy Bear Museum

Namsan Tower - Chasing Teddy Bears!

Because of Princess Hour; the Teddy Bear Museum has been a dream place I so wanted to go! Bestie Ernie is always right. She once said to me "Be careful with what u wished for".

In the drama, it was filmed in Jeju Island. I put my dream aside as I know there would be no way of me getting to that island during my 5 days trip. A week before I fly to South Korea, I surf about the museum. For fun & perhaps to keep dreaming! And unexpectedly found out a similar museum has recently opened at Namsan Tower. In the central city; Myeongdong. U have NO IDEA how excited I was upon knowing it. 

We had to climb the road as seen in most of their dramas. And travel through a cable car up to the station...climbed up few more stairs before we finally reached the tower. The famous landmark of Seoul; Namsan Tower. It is an observation & communication tower built in 1969, opened to public sometime in 1980. I wasn't keen on climbing the tower & observe the downtown of Seoul. What brought me here is definitely none other than the museum! 
One of my most anticipated place to visit is this museum! 

Very crucial information to share...the museum is NOT about the history of the teddy bears. Instead the Koreans used the teddy bears; made a diorama depicting the past & present of Korea. Fascinating indeed to me!
 The scholars.

 Kimchii making. 
 The elites group.
 Bodyguards, perhap.
 The artist.

They got their supply of electricity in 1887. 

Everyday I'm shuffling. Bear doing the breakdance, this was when the era of hip hop hit the city. 

I am a delighted tourist! My 8000KRW worth the visit. Although this museum isn't as big as the one in Jeju Island; I went out the gate with wide smile engraved on my face. 

Till then. Next entry would be our visit to Pyongyong Resort on the 2nd day. Joh-eun halu lideo. 


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2 hollered!:

luna paris said...

wow! cute giler kot bear tu dorang buat.. hahahhaa.. siap ade pekeje buruh dengan org atasan! hahhahahaha... selamber giler..! =D

Bibie Karim said...

Luna: Memang comel. Dua kali masuk pun still impress. Guna bear untuk cerita pasal sejarah.

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