22 January 2012

Edisi: Weekend Getaway

Alhamdulillah. Everything went as planned. Me & my two girlfriends spent our Friday evening to the utmost. Purposely planned to stay overnight at a hotel in town. Although home sweet home is just a spit away from town. 

Just for the poyo record, after months of not using the super walkertapaki service...I finally got to apply the exercise last Fri. Fully utilized it. From the hotel to the mall to purchasing the midnight movie ticket...and later to the place where we had dinner...and went back to the mall for movie date. Without Fuchy. Thanks to Ms Err for being super firm with her words. Walkertapaki the best method to sweat urself after that heavy meal. Burn the extra calories while taking the opportunity to appreciate the nature around u. Ya right! Tiba2 motivate gila kan...haruslah tahu itu cuma bertahan for only a night. Boo hoo!

Sedih! I suddenly lost my words. Therefore, just let the pics do the talking.

Comfy bed at Best Western, Kota Kinabalu. It was such a bliss when I don't have to think about house chores; although it only lasted for a while. 
I  never entered Suria via the main entrance. Obviously enough I never walked to that mall. I usually drive straight up to the parking lot. Level 7 is my favourite. Sekian.
Headed to Sugar Bun for dinner. Sangat serius, aku guna khidmat walkertapaki sepenuh jiwa. 
Check out the next morning...but did not headed straight home. Kami adalah getek pigi check-in another hotel. Utilizing the weekend holiday to the utmost! 
Went up the Kokol Hill...stayed there for a night. Beautiful KK view from the top. Breathtaking! 
But alas, some super intelligent act arose just now. More than sixtypictures went missing from the card. Cannot be found neither in the laptop nor the external hardisc. Pat on my back! *jantung dirobek lalu koyak saat statement ini dikeluarkan; sila tahu*

Hmmm...it's getting late already. I need to hit the sack because I gotta wake up early tomorrow to send the brother to the airport. Holiday is over for him...time to get back to where he belongs for the next 6 months. He'll be back again for raya in July, insya Allah. 

Will update more soon. If the laziness did not bother to embrace my life. Haraplah penyakit Malas itu juga bercutian CNY jadi aku akan rajin mengemaskini.

Anyways, Underworld: Awakening is super awesome. Adalah tidak puas menonton. Kenapa cepat sangat habis ahhhhh. 3D is the best version to watch this latest installation. And yeah, Selene masih tetap the hottest vampire di mata aku! 



4 hollered!:

kizzy t.fauzi said...

hotel mana tu er? best nya ko tdur d hotel. superb o!

BibiErr Karim said...

Superb knun. Pdhl mengasi abis duit. Membazir demi melayan nafsu getek ku. LOL. Sna Best Wester*n jak kami ba. Pastu transfer p Kasih Sayang Resort on Sat. Best woo atas bukit tu. Ko p la naik sma Amrin during weekend. Romantika gtu.

Malicious Mind said...

boleh tahan juga bilik best western tu. the last time aku pi bukit kokol tu time 7 months pregnant dengan ayman. mmg cantik tempat tu

BibiErr Karim said...

Bole tahan utk bergaya2. Nnt mo try tu sna Sixty3 dpn FookYuen Gaya St. Mintapuji kan.

Kasih Sayang best utk lepak2 release tense. Tp klu mo wander around mmg xda la apa mo dibuat.

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