13 October 2011

Stop & Hey!

Things have been not so good with the big sister lately. Few days back she called...and suddenly while curhating on the phone, she burst into tears. I was a bit panicked at first but slowly calmed myself down. The same day, in the morning...she updated me with quite bad & heartbreaking news. And I guess the thing that greeted her in the evening smashed her quite hard hence the gush. I miss having her around. I miss talking rubbish with her. We often ended laughing over the same reason but without having to speak it out loud. We only need the eyes to do all the talking...and ketawa akan berderai pecah. Workloads shall be blame for this to happened. Perhaps we're busy dealing with hurdles that life throws onto us we can't seem to find the perfect timing to stop & share. 

Yet, millionth thanks to technology. Albeit we don't get to see each other as much like before, mukabuku & YMesengger connected us well. Alhamdulillah, our sister-ship has never been far apart. Any latest updates...harus sampai sepantas kilat walau bukan secara empat mata. Wachaaa!

We're on off the YMesengger since this morning. Sharing tons of different stories. Unrelated but must-share kinda updates they were. And praise be to Allah, her so called journey in the dark tunnel has finally came to it's end. Beam of light is beginning to emerge. She is smiling once more...wider than before. Mak Buyung adalah ndak bagus masam lama2 nanti affect the baby's condition.

The photography job next week will bring her & Linawa team to the Lion City. Here I am making a toss for more jobs in the future...excellency & creativeness for the team members. Cheers!!

On another note, Linawa.com *SILA KLIK DENGAN PANTAS!!* has updated its website. Wooot!! More awesome & beautiful pictures are going to be uploaded in their site. Go check them out!! Jiwa sangat meleleh meninguk!

And a BIRTHDAY SHOUT OUT to the beloved people in my life. Thank You Allah for this beautiful souls.

Mommies; Aieyda & Iejan.
Super Sengal Wempitz Cousins; Ezza, Capiz & Beby.
Angah & Pacik!

May each & everyone of us grow 'younger'...embrace with Allah's Grace all the time. Amin.


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Nurul Aima Hj Kaim said...


BibiErr Karim said...

Tiap yang gelap pasti akan Allah sinar dengan cahaya kebahagiaan...asal saja kita yakin dengan Qada' Nya. Syukur

in THE name OF the WHO said...

tu linawa.com mcm salah eja tu wedding, triple D spelling dia. :)

BibiErr Karim said...

In the midst of editing tu. Sudah sy kestau dia. Tq.

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