19 August 2011


Currently waiting for my 3rd cookies in the oven. It's the 3rd batch for this type of cookies. Was too lazy to chop the butter into half hence I just doubled the amount of the original recipe. And voila! I get 84 pieces minus two of German Cookies! Lucky me, yes? If I were to settle with the OR, I might just filled half the jar. Thanks to Sis Ita for sharing the easy peasy recipe. I enjoyed making this cookies, waaaaay easy than making makmur. And I just love how it melted in my mouth. Opps, secret revealed!

Fine! I did snipped a piece or two while filling in the jar. Can't resist the temptation, please know that. Albeit the fragile look, it doesn't crumble in my hand. Sangat berpuas hati!

I'm thinking of making almond london tomorrow. Because I've accidentally suggested to mother this year there is no kuih tunjuk like the previous eids therefore I need to search for at least 2-3 types of cookies to make. Why the sudden desire to serve home made cookies for eid? Let just say, since early this year I recently discovered another crazy trait in my chromosomes. Baking. Something I never thought existed in me. Not saying that I'm good at it but I know if I practice more...I'll be better. Insya Allah.

For the time being, I'll just go with the flow. Let one thing sails after another.



3 hollered!:

-Kyeko Picaa- said...

LOL! kasi kirim bah p Jpp 2-3 jenis kuih raya. Punya siok kama tu bikin2 kuih tapi kasi masuk dalam mulut sekali. doiii istail si mami hahaha

Malicious Mind said...

Rajin oo u. anyway happy baking . im trying to make kuih makmur this year hope jadi n kuih cornflakes as usual

BibiErr Karim said...

@Pikok: Kirim knun sna. Ni bulan lgsg xda singgah ums bah. Bole ka tu alasan ah. Ya smbl bikin smbl masuk mulut..skali kira2 tu kuih mcm ada kurang. Hahaha.

@Dana: Not that rajin. Just that cafe ttp for the whole puasa so ada msa terlebih skit. If I were u, mmg xmenang tangan oo. Keja & anak2 lg mau urus. Bah cepat2 bikin then upload d blog ok. No worries, air tangan mami ni slalu menjadi. x

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