5 August 2011

Gue Sukses kot.

I first started doing it in a large batch last Sun...and it turned out extremely displeasing to the eyes. Honestly, I almost gave up with myself. I changed it to something different the next day...and the day after. While continuing 'assuring' myself that I can't do it. That even if I tried thousand of times, the outcome will still be the same.

Well, that's me falling by the wayside. Alhamdulillah that 'failure person' was eventually awakened by a little banged on the head. I had quite a chat with soul mate last night. Words whispered evoked me immediately. I feel like I was being flung onto the wall. Despite the invisible injuries & bruises, I thank Allah for the endless guide.

Woke up this morning filled with determination to accomplish my goal. I've demolished the wall that was build to absorb my energy. And reflected negative aura in return. I started doing the thing I've put in my KIV list right after shower. Patience is the main key for me to achieve the result I want. Finished everything in less than an hour. Syukur, it turned out great. I never thought my 2nd try would be a success. Obviously, disappointment over the 1st failed attempt did nothing to my system but self-destruction. It's a total waste of time. Boo hoo me!

And now I planned to move to another thing. I've read the instructions over the net for hundred of times I have it 'engraved' in my head already. But implementation is another different thing I know. I have to keep my head held up. Make sure the spirit could withstand the hurdles. Insya Allah.



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