3 July 2011

KDrama lagii!

Wooot wooot...

Laura a.k.a Kakak Besar introduced me another Kdrama(s) last night. Oh my God, my leisure time will be full occupied during this semester break. Ye Belle, aktiviti separa lagho di situ. Ahaks.


There were 2 drama series that she recommended to me...but my fond-0-meter sort of pointing more to the above drama. The other drama titled Sorry, I love You is just too heavy for the mind to swallow for now. Nonetheless, will definitely watch it once the ongoing drama in my head subside. In which I can't really say when. Wait, does my DQ being ever stop before?

And because I couldn't bear waiting for 6 parts of each episode to complete buffering hence I chose to download them. Easy that way. Ndak aku meroyan sendiri depan si Asus ni. I'll watch them soon no matter how many episodes has been successfully downloaded. Internet connection seriously is testing my patience to the utmost these days. Sometimes, I have to wait for years the whole day just to get 1 single episode downloaded. Whatever it is, mucho gracias to IDM* for making it possible for me to download dramas/movies online.

Considering I couched my lazy ass at home the whole day yesterday doing nothing but little bit of housechores in the morning...I decided to sunbathe myself today. I was supposed to watch T3 with mother last night but alas tickets sold out. Oh yeah as if u didn't know the T3 phenomenon in KK right now Bie. Despite few contradicted comments from friends whom have watched it, I wanna check the flick still. And I managed to purchase ticket for tonight's show.

Anyways, will be going to Aunty's house in Putatan in a bit. Breakfast with her because I am all alone at home right now. Mother left early in the morning. After days of bedridden, she is finally fit to work last Weds. No more cuti for her...sian deh! But we'll be having T3 for entertainment later tonight. Yahooo!

Happy Sunday all!


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5 hollered!:

Anonymous said...

Beb, nangis kot tgk T3.

FifieJay said...

I watched it the other night too. Mcm best gila ni. What's the tajuk? Lupa ba. I wanna DL it too. Muahaha. Ala2 Full House jg ni. Dei.

BibiEr Karim said...

@Babe: Nangis gak sbb yg tua tu mati. He begged for his life before he was shot. Damn Shockwave!!!

@Fie: U watch the Kdrama ka? Best. I laugh & cry at the same time. Mmg klu dorg buat crita kan, super siok this. Title is Lie To Me. DL la!!!! The heroin yg dr Princess Hour.

FifieJay said...

Ya bha. That is the reason y i'm attractd to watch dis one. Ada the heroin. Hihi.

BibiEr Karim said...

Bah cepat DL. Sy smpi Episod 8 suda ni. But I've watched the final episod la. Can't tahan mau tau tu ending. LOL

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