24 July 2011

Out D.A.T.E.D

Sunday is my rest day from visiting the jogging track. Alhamdulillah I've been pretty strict with myself...no more procrastination when it comes to turning my 'kill the fats' mission into reality. Last Thursday, due to severe headache I managed to complete only 2km. It was indeed painful & throbbing. Toxin was released when I started exercising the day before. It was somehow predictable considering I haven't run for years.

Came Friday, leader of all day. The day filled with barakah! Syukur, I was back to the pinkest health. Managed to walk & run 6km. If it wasn't because of the drizzle, I think I would have ran farther. Ok now why shall I blame the light rain? Itukan hikmah.

I am so proud of myself now. Last Weds, I could barely run even when I forced myself. 30 seconds of running seem too much for me. Hence I opted to only walk briskly in the park. Last Fri, I suddenly became more energetic. At first, I tried walking for few minutes. And then I ran. I measured the distance by counting the lamp post along the track. Started running between the gaps of 3 lamp posts. Gradually I increased the number. And 7 was the farthest distant I could run that day. Alhamdulillah. 7 posts to mark my walking...followed by 7 for running...and henceforth. I wish; soon, I could decrease the time of walking & exchange it with running. Insya Allah.

Feeling much better nowadays. Lighter & healthier. I eat less ever since I started running. I don't know why but all of a sudden Miss Tummy refuses too much food consumption. Water & juice is fine but not food. Aku sangat cepat kenyang sekarang. Gila poyo gaban! But because that's the reason why I forced the system to work more, I think I am on the way achieving my goal. Yes? Wanted so very bad to get rid of all the stubborn & excessive fats. Also to convert them into more useful energy.

And yeah, juga mahu muat segala baju-bajan that I no longer could fit in. Including pants & jeans. Sekian.

p/s: Can't wait for tomorrow's session. Internet connection at home has been testing my toleration to the utmost these past few days; hence the outdated story. Boo hoo!


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