13 October 2010

CutiCuti: Indonesia - Nefatari Villa Ubud, Bali

Property: Nefatari Villa, Ubud
Date:  29 June 2010 - 30 June 2010 (1 night)
Price: 250 USD/night (~RM 814.00)
Room Type: Two Bedroom Villa with Private Pool (breakfast & afternoon tea included)

Booked via their website (here).

The lobby area. 
Stairway to the reception area. 
Stairway to the guest villa. 
The passage to our villa.
Ignore the Munyits. This is the entrance to our villa. All ours! 
Yes! This is the very view we had in front of the villa, di sebalik tembok batu.
All happy with the villa.
The ladies room consist of 1 King Bed & 1 Sofa Bed. I swear the room is huge! Siap ada working desk behind this bed. But I forgot to take pic of the whole room. Boohoo!
This is the bathroom attached to our room. The gents has their own ensuite bathroom.
The gents. I didn't take pic of their bathroom. Was too busy wanting to enjoy the view in front of the villa. 

This was our first holiday together & the first trip that I organized from scratch. I did everything without the help from any tour guides nor agents. And of course, there were flaws here & there. 

We only stayed a night (few hours to be exact) at this beautiful villa. We missed the free breakfast & afternoon tea. Sobs. We checked in late in the evening & had to checked out very early the next morning (3am!!) to catch our super early flight (630am!). 

Very very poor time management I shall say. But despite the time constraint, we had fun nonetheless. And we super love the villa! Specially the green paddy field right in front of the tembok batu. Would love to stay at this place again one day. Insha Allah. 

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