26 April 2010

Yesterday ended up perfect. The kind of weekend that I love spending time on.

I had brunch date with mother at La Manila cafe, Warisan Sq. Was on the mood for some Indian cuisine early in the morning. Always Krishna is my 1st choice but it was closed. Off to Jothi's at Api2 but they haven't start operating yet as the whole area was on blackout.

Hence the downed & frustrated moi dragged the mother to Warisan instead. See, simple stuff such as place to dine pun aku boleh kasi complex. Well, I didn't say 'I rarify' for nothing right.

Anyhow, we went to CP after meal. Mother had some retail therapy session for herself...while me; melihat dengan lelehan liur. I didn't write down shopping on yesterday's to-do list. Need to be firm with what I've wrote & decide...otherwise Bali would be a nightmare trip. I gotta start saving NOW before its too late.

Mother bought perfumes & a casing for her phone. Poor her...she's been DQ-ing about the perfume but I purposely pay no mind nor listen to her gripes. Yes I am that cruel just because I've got something more other than fragrance for her coming birthday. Disekalikan sama Mothers Day lah juga...harus untuk jimat kos. Sekian.

I know she's been eyeing on the new arrival CR handbag. Eversince I showed it to her, she has never stop curi2 looking at it everytime we passed by the shop at Warisan. And she'll go like; "Nah tu bag cantik. Ur bag. Bibie beli, nnt boleh buat sesi pinjam meminjam" Insya Allah mother, I'll get it for u. Just wait a lil bit more ok. 3 weeks to be exact. Jangan jak jadi stingy when I feel like borrowing nanti.

We went back home nearly 2pm. I took a short nap after Zhuhur prayer. Ran some errands & by Maghrib all were done.

And as promised, spa session with mother. Alkisah, spa suka suki yang dilakukan di rumah mahligai kami jak pun. Body scrubbing & face masking. Best wor kena urut. Feel like all the stress was being channeled out from the system. Leaving a brand new fresh skin. Minus the old brand skin color of course. *giggles*

Rejuvenation is the perfect word for the spa session. Perhaps we should do that more often, apart from being able to saving extra cash it will definitely be 1 of the many things to do with mother. Rather than doing the same things most of the time. Not that I don't enjoy retail therapy nor I hate dining out with her...but wouldn't it be great if there are other options to choose.

Ok before I end this post...I would like to announce something related to my last 2 entries. *drum rolls* It turned out nothing happened actually. I worried over nothing. Eversince I found out about the expelling & blocking thingy; never had once I stopped praying for Allah to show me the truth.

Alhamdulillah...Dia Maha Mendengar. The truth has revealed itself. Eventhough I decided to just ignore what had happened & move on with life...I still hope I will get the answer somehow. Didn't know where I got the gut to buzz her in YM & asked what actually happened. I was afraid though that she might ignore my IM. Few seconds after I buzz her...I saw "***** is typing" on the bottom screen. Anxious me waited for the reply. First line was "Wassalam. Tanya apa? *kiss icon*" And I was like...biar betik budak ni. I shoot my Q straight away...why I was being expelled & blocked. Memang ndak malu kan. The reply certainly gave me a heart attack...adrenaline rasa berbuih2 mau naik. She said "Itu pula...jangan risau bah. Bukan block or delete ko jak, tapi semua orang sampai ada orang cakap aku kecewa bercinta".

LMAO adalah rasa mau cekik diri sendiri for being so dramatic over this thing. Seriously, tiap saat rasa gundah selagi ndak dapat jawapan ok. Juga mau cekik dia; baru mengasi ketawa orang ndak hengat punya. Sabarlah hati, nanti akan tiba masa ko aku kasi kena. Tunggu ah.

Conclusion here; jangan rasa sedih or down kalau belum tau punca sebenar something tu jadi. Bersandar sama Dia, insya Allah jalan yang suram & keliru akan kembali terang. Alhamdulillah; ndak sudah jiwa aku ketidaktenteraman. *sniff sniff*


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