5 April 2010

This morning..once more I opted to switch into my drama queen mode. Migraine attacked the system prior warning for the umteenth times.

So...in order to attract my darling's attention, haruslah aku berdrama sejenak. This time dilayan penuh perasaan because last time; the DQ session wasn't successful enough. Berkasih sayang adalah ndak salah.

And right now I am on the verge of my sanity. Gahh masih dalam mode DQ pula bah.

I was uploading pictures in my MY PRECIOUS album in FB...and suddenly dear friend of mine asked what's the caption for the pic I've just uploaded. Boleh terus idea masuk & aku start mengarang ayat jiwang batu karat? *hint: She gave me some rough idea to start with...provoking lah tu kan*

And also in the midst of using 100% Bahasa Melayu baku with Ijal through YM. "Saya boleh pengsan kerana terlalu menahan rasa geli hati"

Oh btw, thanks pren for ur idea on the password thingy. Bukit Fraser sounds rather cool for me. Memang tiada 2nd thought on that. Ahaks.

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