19 April 2010

Syukran for the zero Monday blues mode. I used to be such a moody person when Monday comes...I whine more, I griped more than any other days.

I hated it when the blues gained the authority to control my mind. Specially towards my sense of judgement. Over the years, I tried my very best to avoid such melodramatic mode. I was pretty resistant at first but became accustomed to it eventually.

And alhamdulillah...'hard work' got paid off. I finally managed to keep my distance from the blues. Determination is 1 of the key to success. Being able to handle the emotion is another. I'm proud of myself. *bangga dibolehkan tapi jangan sampai riak*

I woke up immediately as the alarm in my head; rang, this morning. Was all ready in 30 mins. I could still tolerate with the traffic congestion on the way to workplace. Nothing bad happened as to start the day.

It's all up to us actually...on how we want the rest of the day turns out. If u have earlier set the mind it would be bad, then it will. And vice versa. Kita corak apa situasi yang berlaku ndak kira apa pun faktor luaran yang dikasi jadi sebagai alasan.

Lately, migraine selalu datang attacking the system. I haven't found the ultimate answer for this. Early prediction; increase power of the lens. Tapi adalah malas tahap gaban mau pigi jumpa optometrist. Padahal weekend bukan main bersandiwara di Warisan. Hancur.

Hair falls pun punya dasyat. Sudahlah forehead makin luas...chopper pun sudah boleh landing. Hmm...

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