8 April 2010

Subhanallah...praise be to Allah the Almighty.

Tadi order pink handbag online...made the payment during lunch. An hour later, it was delivered at my doorstep. Kesukaan ndak payah cakap. Thanks Allah untuk rasa ini.

On the way back from workplace, witnessed a miracle on the sky. Double rainbow it was. Gila rasa terkedu sekejap...but too bad I didn't get to capture that. Kereta berbaris di atas jalan, haruslah safety first kan.

And when I reached home, matahari adalah superbly amazing. I was mesmerized. The rays, the light...all are perfect. Menitis airmata menyaksikan keindahan ciptaan Nya.

Maha Suci Allah.

Sila tahu...untuk dapat pic ni, harus aku lari ala cute pas parked Miss Kens. Grabbed the Blackie from my room, rushed to the block yang boleh dapat view ni. Ngeh~~semangat ok.

2 hollered!:

Anonymous said...

your handbag was delivered in 1 hour? punya cepat! (pijut laaagi)

BibiEr Karim said...

Hehehe cepat kan. Kebetulan org tu mmg mau antar order p UM*S. I was lucky that day. Siok gila.

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