14 April 2010

Phew it's Wednesday already...how time flies these days. Even if it's December now, I will not be shock anymore.

I feel like something is wrong with me lately. Ever heard of the word buang tabiat? That's pretty much alike of what I feel at this very moment.

Aku rasa geram almost all the time. Geram not as in holding the anger or waiting to burst out. It's like there's something in my heart suffocates me. And what make it worst is the fact that I bloody not know the reason towards this peculiar feeling. Choiii..!

There are times I feel like crying my heart out loud. There are times I feel like screaming. And I feel sleepy everytime I came into the office. Mata adalah berat tapi harus ndak kan dapat tidur. Bahu belah kanan started to swollen up...I couldn't bear the pain sometimes.

Is it possible to take off my neck; untangle the disorganize nerves & later put it on. Ughh I wish. Sudahlah migraine makin menjadi2. I think I need to pay a visit to the optical shop very soon-ish. Rasa power lens sudah naik...hence the frequent headache. Harus mata pun sakit sekali...feels like it's going to pop out anytime.

This time I might be wearing those color lens like I did few years back. Mau jadi orang putih sesat...yang kelebihan carbon di kulit. But will only put them on when I'm not working. Gila di cafe pun mau bermata grey...tawar terus rasa sup soto tu karang.

Speaking of soto...baru ingat aku order waffle pula tadi. Ok lah, gotta get moving. Mau mencekik al-waffle sebentar.

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