2 April 2010

My Oh my...thanks indeed for the so unneeded surprise honey. U nearly make me faint. Luckily otak masi waras...next time u do it again, I'm gonna smack ur face with tender-love-care u'll never forget about it.

Ok ampun...just joking. BUT if that thing happened once more, bersedia tunggu 'gaji' ah. U'll definitely getting the reward. Trust me...u know I ain't talk for nothing when it comes to rewarding u. Ngeh~~

Anyhow, today is a public holiday for the Sabahans. It's Good Friday for the Christians. Jarang bercuti during weekdays, mother & I decided to go for a movie date with the Bungsu's & my brothers. Watched Clash of The Titans. It wasn't so bad although nothing much as a lesson I could gain from the movie. In terms of morality & self confidence; loads. But untuk tambah ilmu di dada...kureng.

FROM MY POINT OF VIEW, it's preferable only for relaxation purposes. Again, it's my point of view. Kalau ndak sama with urs...sila jangan tunjuk ketidaksiuman anda.

Back from the movie, mother & I did some sweating activity. That is rearranging the house. I mean the susun atur. And because I kinda feel like my bedroom needs some transformation. as well..I promptly agreed to her suggestion.

3 hours later...I am fully satisfied with the new look of my bedroom. Walaupun cuma rearrange the furniture. Living room sudah biasa tukar arrangement so aku ndak berapa teruja. Unless mother changed the wallpaper or repaint the wall...tu lain cerita.

Akan more excited when I get all the pictures I've shoot before...framed. And hang on the wall. That project will start soon. I'm gonna surprise mother with that since she's been quite active teasing me about my photography things lately. Apa guna jadi member Art & Creative Club during high school right. Won't be keeping the so called hidden talent of mine goes rusty. Yay keperasanan terserlah.

And the end product of the mini project will be updated as soon as it's accomplished.

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